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My Daughter’s Email ID

By on Dec 25, 2014 in Entrepreneurship, Wisdom | 0 comments

I’ve been always totally emotional about our venture – CrazyEngineers. I’m not sure if people generally are emotional about their ventures; because most of the ventures are started to make money. However, for me, it’s always been a business+emotional venture. Maybe that’s why we survived the times when it made no money and faced bloody down-times for months and months! When you treat your venture as your child, you always want to be there – in the good and bad times as well. When the venture is sick; you want to be there taking care of it. …and this emotion shows up in various ways. I’ve abandoned my @gmail ID in favor of my ID because it gives me pride and sense of ownership in using that domain. Even while choosing an email Id for my daughter, I decided to go with our own domain. I hope when my daughter grows up to...

Paper Boat Drinks – Quick Review

By on Dec 24, 2014 in Wisdom | 0 comments

The folks at Paper Boat drinks asked me whether I’d be interested in trying out their latest drinks – Tulsi Tea and Ginger Lemon Tea. I had no reason to say no – because they’d send me the packs free of cost and all I had to do is taste them and tell all of you what I think. Having tried other flavours of Paper Boat drinks, I already knew that their drinks taste awesome (it’s more authentic when I say it). I had already tried Jaljeera, Kokum, Jamun and their Aam Panna is already my favorite among all the drinks available in the market. Our initial communication happened a few weeks ago and I completely forgot about it. It was just about an hour ago that the courier boy delivered the parcel at my place. The paper boat guys sent their latest flavours – Tulsi Tea and Ginger Lemon Tea. So far I’ve tried Tulsi Tea flavour and declare it as an...

The Screwed Up Social Life Of An Entrepreneur

By on Dec 3, 2014 in Wisdom | 1 comment

I’m quite sure that the startup junta will relate with this post better than the non-startup. Building a company from ground up ain’t a joke and that’s why not many people are into it. After getting labeled as ‘unsocial’ by my relatives (no one said it on my face; but hey, I know what they talk and think behind my back) I’ve realised that my social life is totally screwed! First, I’m being compared with the TGIF (Thank God It’s Friday) folks – who go to the job at 9 am thinking about going back home at 7 pm and in between thinking about Friday. They enjoy excellent social life; have all the time to visit every relative’s neighbour’s maid’s grandson’s best friend’s birthday party and doze of till 11 AM in the morning on weekends. In comparison; I’m working on the next big thing on a pleasant Sunday...

The Real Reason People Will Say “I Loved Interstellar Movie”

By on Nov 11, 2014 in Wisdom | 0 comments

So, I saw the movie ‘Interstellar’. As I correctly guessed, the movie is all about how USA & NASA save the world. But more than that, it’s a 100% science fiction that requires you to know some pretty advanced physics concepts – like worm hole, theory of relativity, space-time continuum, time dilation and so on. I can bet that 99% of the people who say that they ‘loved’ the movie didn’t understand what was happening on the screen. Yet – they’ll say they loved the movie. I found out the real reason. It gives your ego a boost and thus makes you feel superior over the others! Even if you had no clue what’s happening on the screen, you can’t expose your ignorance to others! You’ve gotta behave as if the entire movie was ‘made for people like you’ who eat, sleep and drink science. I didn’t like the...

I Support Separate Vidarbha State

By on Oct 7, 2014 in Wisdom | 3 comments

Until recently, I was all in favor of Vidarbha being a part of Maharashtra. Basically, I blindly believed that Separate Vidarbha is the demand of only the politicians from Vidarbha who couldn’t make a mark in Maharashtra’s politics. I even hated everyone who talked about separating Vidarbha from Maharashtra. It all changed when I got a chance to check the facts. I hope to be able to share facts and figures via a PPT soon. But I’m a 100% separate Vidarbha supporter now.

How Do I Learn The Art Of Ignorance & Start Enjoying Life?

By on Aug 4, 2014 in Wisdom | 4 comments

There are things that piss me off, piss me off REAL BAD! What makes me FURIOUS is the “fact” that most people seem to ‘enjoy’ the exact same things that piss me off! Example? Just a few days ago, a kid and his father got on the stage to dance with Yo Yo Honey Singh – on the sets of Comedy Nights With Kapil. Yo Yo Honey Singh then asked the kid which song of his he liked – and the kid replied “Char Botal Vodka” (4 bottles of Vodka). Then the kid and his father danced to the song while the audience cheered. Kid and his father dancing to the most idiotic song ever? I’m pasting the lyrics of the song for your information. I’ve been advised “Don’t Think Much” and enjoy what’s going on. How can I? Tell me how can someone enjoy kids dancing to this -? Chaar bottle Vodka (4 bottles of Vodka)Kaam mera roz ka (I...

The Fabolous Life Of………..Other People On Facebook!

By on Aug 3, 2014 in Wisdom | 1 comment

I’m totally convinced that Facebook App on smart phones is one of the worst things that has happened to the humans and mankind in this century so far. The app single handedly is responsible for making the entire world look fabulous compared to ours; because everyone out there is having fun, enjoying life and living life to the fullest! In contrast, your own life looks like the most unhappening routine. I wonder why do some people are so addicted to checking completely useless and idiotic updates from people? Forwarded jokes are okay; but most of the other people’s awesome life updates make you feel dull and uncool – and it’s completely natural. Constantly checking your Facebook and WhatsApp feed and seeing other people have 1000% fun round the clock makes you sad – admit it. The fact however is that their life isn’t a dot better than yours....

Surviving In The Bindass World

By on Aug 1, 2014 in Wisdom | 0 comments

Incident #1 : We ordered t-shirts in bulk from someone who we had known through mutual friends. While we hope to suck 0.00% when it comes to people who buy from us; and which means delivering stuff well on time. After getting convinced 10 times from him that he’ll deliver on day X; we made public announcement about the launch. Now just X-2 days ago; this someone is totally not prepared for the delivery at all. Nor he’s checked the designs. Plus, he doesn’t bother to inform us and calmly tells us that the delivery will be late by about 5 days. BINDAAS! Incident #2 : Mr. ABC asks us whether we can get people for his webinar. Since the topic of the webinar is interesting, we agree to help him out. He sends us the details of what topics he’ll cover through webinar and we start attracting people. Since then, this guy is totally silent. Absolutely no effort from him...

Dear MBAs, Please Keep Your Money-Making Ideas To Yourself!

By on Jul 14, 2014 in Wisdom | 0 comments

I’ve observed a pattern – if you start talking anything slightly related to business to an MBA; they’ll immediately transform their soul and bodies into high-profile consultants who can tell you how to make millions out of nothing! They’ll jump with joy in their own minds and excited as hell about how ‘smart’ that they are to come up with money making ideas – for ‘your’ business. It’s such a predictable pattern that I can start accepting money from people to show this to you in real life. But here’s the fine line: these guys will *NEVER* use their own ideas. They’ll tell you the idea and also work up all the finances themselves and even write a business plan on the back of tissue paper. But *NEVER* set their foot in business! My advice: Keep your money making ideas and free business consultancy to...

My Only Expectation From Indian Railway Budget 2014

By on Jul 8, 2014 in Wisdom | 3 comments

Indian Railway Minister, Mr. Sadananda Gowda will present his plans for the coming year for the Indian Railways. Indian Railway, if I’m informed properly, is world’s #3 network. It also is one of the biggest carriers of goods and people in India – and the budget matters a lot to the overall economy of India. While there are talks of a lot of ‘new things’ being introduced for the railways, my only expectation from the railways is this – Make The Railway Stations & Wagons Clean & Maintain Them! I don’t mind if people are asked to pay Rs. 5 more just to make it happen. I had vowed not to travel by train or by bus; and take flights whenever possible, ONLY because of the pathetic condition of Indian Railway. I simply cannot spend more than 5 minutes on any damn Railway Station in India and I’m not exaggerating this! I’m prepared...