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ADIDAS:All Day I Do Almost Same

By on May 31, 2005 | 3 comments

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Gosh! I’m back after a long time :happy: . This project work won’t let me relax and doze off during office hours . Anyway, wise well said “A Busy Man Has Time For Everything” and I second to that.

So I’m still Aimless! Don’t know what my future is going to be. Good part is that I don’t have time these days to worry about it. My daily time table looks like this –

4:00 A.M: Alarm clock rings. Action: Shut it off/Set it to 5:00 A.M. – Depending on choice made at 4:00 A.M, alarm rings at 5:00 A.M (if it doesn’t, no worry). Shut it off again/Set it to 6:30 A.M (Mom & Dad return from Morning Walk by that time, so Alarm Clock doesn’t matter anyway).

6:A.M: Wake up to a beautiful morning. Look at the alarm clock and smile (celebrate the victory?). Morning Duties: Brush teeth. Use the Indian Brand for tooth paste. Feel good about helping India. Attend Nature’s call. It’s about 7:00 A.M by now. Tea Time. Settle for half cup only. (Reason: Some newspapers say Tea is good, others say its’ bad).

7:30 A.M: Newspaper: Go through headlines, curse the politicians, corruption, accidents. Ignore the sports section (this is one strange thing I do). Go through the editorial (its necessary, they say, to improve English). 45 minutes pass too quickly (don’t they? Mr. Einstein!)

8:15 A.M: Suddenly recall that there’s a conference call with the client. Must reach office latest by 8:40 A.M. So make a quick choice from options: Breakfast/Bath/Shaving Decide on Bath+Shaving. (Biscuits that they provide in Office make up for breakfast). Shaving must precede Bath (there’s a silent rule). Quick Shave: Nick on the cheek. Confirm the blood color. Quickly to bathroom. Water Shower is a nice invention (or discovery?). Soap in eyes. Damn! Recall that soaps do contain fatty *acids*. Use cold water as a remedy. Attire isn’t important but deodorant is. Rush to the Office. Into the Conference Room (Related Details). Work hard until its 12:00 Noon. Then till 4:00 P.M., then till 6:30 P.M (average time, don’t ask how I calculate). Drive back home. Go for an Evening Walk. Back to home. Try a tune/song on Guitar. Solve sister’s difficulties (this includes math/science. Geography: Out of scope ).

Spend about an hour for Lunch + Post-Lunch discussions. Pick up a book ( Never forget New Year’s resolution). R. Kiyosaki is a good author, b’coz our thoughts match. Feel bad about being aimless in life.

Chillax! (Chill + Relax). This too, shall pass. But someone said, action is necessary for making a change. So decide something while trying to fall asleep (this isn’t easy). Set the alarm to 4 A.M (Bill Gates wakes up at that time too!). So make a firm decision about getting up at 4:00 sharp.

Sweet sleep …

So! That’s what I’m doing these days. With this tight schedule, I don’t know where I’m heading.

But I’ll continue doing what I’m best at – Positive Thinking

In case you are Aimless just like me (since you’ve had time to read this blog, I KNOW for sure that you’re aimless too), keep reading my blog. Don’t forget to comment !

Adios !

– The Big K –


  1. DEP

    February 28, 2007

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    hey biggie,

    i dont knw if you have a FAN CLUB or not but am sure that i will top the list if that club exiists or wud ever do.

    your blog is nothing more than your daily routine but there is something about it that made me read it again & again.

    as long as you keep writing , i will keep commenting…

  2. Sharmila

    May 17, 2007

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    Welcome to the gang of ADIDAS……..
    I am sure we have many more who actually dont like to say it

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