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We. The People

By on Jul 20, 2005 | 3 comments

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Over years, I’ve observed a typical behavior that most of us exhibit. Believe me, this trend is being followed generation after generation and there seems no stop to it. Here I present life of a typical mid-class (or higher mid-class) born. This isn’t my story but what I’ve understood by observing friends and relatives and hearing about dear unknowns. Let’s call our character ‘X’.

Now X is born. Everyone in family is happy. X grows up and learns to cry, sit, crawl, walk, lie etc. X’s mom is extremely proud of X’s every action. X’s actions include breaking tea cups, emptying hair oil on floor, pulling your hair, pocking his little finger in your eye, 1-10, A-Z (with missing L, P etc.). Everyone appreciates X. X continues to grow.

X goes to school. X often cries on the road to school. X has lot of homework. X studies and studies. If X gets good marks, he/she gets appreciation. X is forced to excel in studies. X is intelligent if he/she is in top 3 of class. X writes scholarship tests and appears in merit list. Oh X is genius. X wants to be an Engineer (from IIT); rather X’s parents want him to be an Engineer (from IIT). X continues to grow.

X’s schooling is over. X has good marks in board exams. X gets admission in an Engineering College. X’s parents are delighted. Neighbors have a new benchmark for their respective X’s. Neighbors tell their small x’s that they should be like X someday. X is just in college, but X has set benchmarks, X is an Idol. X continues to grow.

X’s college days comprise of Classes + Canteen + Annual Functions. X manages all of them equally. X studies because recruitment firms hire people with good grades. X is somehow recruited by a multi-national company. X completes his college. X has choice of going abroad or joining the firm. X continues to grow.

* X joins the company. X tries hard to get his work appreciated by his/her managers. X works for good appraisals. X freaks out on weekends. X gets promotion. X’s aim is to be a Manager someday. X continues to work; for more money and more fame. X claims job satisfaction. X continues to grow.
* X goes abroad. X gets a Masters’ degree. X joins company. Earns in $$ and his/her parents are 45 times happy. X works for appraisals, for more money and X claims job satisfaction. X continues to grow.

X’s parents now brace themselves for their long-pending dream. X’s parents start finding a partner for him/her. If X is a girl, X is around 24. If X is a guy, X is around 27 now. X’s matrimonial ad appears in leading newspaper. X returns home for 20 days. X gets engaged and then married. X’s family flaunts their wealth in wedding. X returns to his place with his/her spouse. X continues to grow.

X has now new responsibilities. X buys a house. X buys a car. X buys furniture. X buys new clothes. X’s bank loan piles up. X has wisely invested in various bank schemes and thinks of himself/herself as investment guru. X’ll return all his/her debt to bank in his lifetime. X starts a happy family. Jr. X has now arrived. X’s parents are satisfied. All they invested in X’s education was worth. X forces Jr.X to go to school and get good grades and finally a good job. X is successful. X continues to grow.

X now retires from service. X has saved enough money for his/her retirement. Part of this money will go into Jr.X’s marriage and higher education. X reads newspapers and takes diabetes pills. X starts exercising (which he/she couldn’t do all his life). X tells everyone how healthy he/she is at that age (around 70-75). X continues to watch Jr.X settled in his/her life. Finally, X dies.

Now I’m sure that each reader of this article must have encountered at least one X around. For me, there are so many Xs’ around. Now comes the main question. What’s the purpose of X’s existence of mother Earth? What difference did X make to mankind? What did X do to make Earth a better place to live? How did X contribute to lives of other people?

At last, I’m not hinting anything.

-The Big K-
P.S: I came across this fantastic quote-
“Unless You Are The Lead Dog, The View Never Changes”.


  1. yaver hussain

    June 1, 2006

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    it was an interesting charactor..and believe me i am my frieds resemble X.but the thing is that this is the way to live.when X works for 40 years his efforts areserving mother earth.If he is enginner than difenitely he will serve people by contributing in creating new things for use of people and service old things..if X is software engg like me than he wold contribute his effords to develop new softwares which will be used in banking,security systems,trains,aeroplanes and bla bla all these products serving mankind.If X is environmentalist than he would definitely work for saving the mother earth in short everyone has some work and when we integrate it it serves the worls as a whole..this way world travels from millions fo years..but my question is that if i contribute to mankind what i my job done over body as a whole is a perfect system on the is the universe as a whole—the perfect system..wat is the purpose of creating this perfect universe and than this perfect human system and eco system..only 70 years of struggle than end…I surve mankind but mankind is not permanent..everything in this world as far as science is concerned is temporary..everything passes through life cycle and finally die..Is nt it unfair for me that i come here..struggle here..and finally die which brings end to my body..wat is the reason and y this unfairness…i love world …i was brought to this world…i worked in it and i dont want to leave it…why i am forced to leave it..if the world that we live in currently is begining and end of ours than i am confused with my makes no logic to me..think if u are going to die next minute..u will realise the pain…
    rest thanks a lot

  2. Hari

    February 26, 2007

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    Nice post. I had the similar question for long time until i came across this website
    which logically/systematically argued to prove that the universe has NO purpose in it.
    Read it when you get a chance and you will be glad you did. ( I enjoyed the reading).

    It is nothing short of shattering except that it gives a greater perpsective for the meaning of life in general.


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