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I’m Ok!

By on Aug 18, 2005 | 1 comment

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All my National & International Readers ! :mrgreen:
Really sorry for not turning up since long . Lot of things kept me busy. But let me assure you all, I’m doing great !

These days, I’ve been busy with a book titled ‘The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari” by Robin S. Sharma. Robin is an Indian residing in USA and spreading a word about ancient Indian teachings. People tend to be more patriotic once they move out of India. God forgive all Indians who’re out of India.

God forgive !Dea!

If I had all the powers, I’d rename idea customer care to idea customer abuse center. The concept ‘Customer is God’ isn’t in Indian’s blood. This was confirmed last weekend.

I called Mr. Nikhil of iDea Customer Abuse Center (iCAC) to enquire about the new ‘Corporate Employee Offer'(CEO… Please memorize these abbreviations as I’ll use them below :mrgreen: ). I got him on phone in just 7 attempts. I respect that iCAC guys get lot of calls and they serve so many customers. To my surprize, Mr. Nikhil talked as if he wanted to talk to me since ages. His pleasant voice assured me of great services they provide to their valuable customers. I asked him if I could see him in my office to know about the new offer, he said he’s too busy and explained the whole offer to me on phone. I did some quick calculations and assured that there were no hidden costs. The offer suited me. Mr. Nikhil promised that he’ll see me in office in 2 days.

5 days passed in a jiffy and noone turned up from iCAC. That’s ok. Maybe they just forgot . To err is human and iCAC guys are no animals. Be proactive, Stephan Covey’s word reverbed in my head. I called Mr. Nikhil again. Got him on line in just 1 attempt. This time Mr. Nikhil appeared somewhat busy, worried. Maybe he had some trouble. I reminded him of our conversation few days back and he said he remembered it. I asked if he’s free to come to my office and complete the formalities so that I can be a proud customer of CEO. He politely said ‘Sorry’ and informed me about his ongoing exams. He continued and assured me that he’ll send Mr. Zubair at my home. I wished him good luck for exams.

Mr. Zubair is a Handsome Guy. I wonder why he is with idea’s marketing team. He’ll make a good name in the world of fashion if he wishes. But let’s leave that thought aside. Mr. Zubair smiled all the time and explained how effective iCAC is. When I informed him that I’m a subscriber of idea and just want to change the plan, he said he didn’t know that. He also said that he can just offer new plans and can’t help shifting to a new plan. He asked me to visit their customer abuse head office with all the documents. He left with a big smile.

2 more days passed. I collected all the documents needed for shifting to a new plan and showed up at the head office. The lady their paid full attention while I explained to her that I wanted to migrate to a new plan. She looked helpless. She said head office doesn’t deal in corporate schemes and there’s another office which specially deals with such schemes. To my relief, she asked me to wait till a representative from the corporate office comes. I waited like a good boy.

A denim clad, trendy boy showed up after 15 minutes. I observed that he relied too much on hands-free that his mobile supported. He took off his goggles and smiled . He shook hands with me like a professional (that he is!) and introduced himself to me. I don’t recall his name. I told him that I wanted to migrate to CEO and I’ve all the documents ready with me. He laughed and started explaining how my existing plan is better than CEO. Bit annoyed, I explained to him how CEO was cost effective and did some simple calculations in front of him. Probably I convinced him that CEO is best suited to me . He look convinced. But remember the saying “A man convinced against his will, is still of the same opinion”. He was bit surprized to see all the documents I carried with me. He said they were not needed. He took out his sim-card shaped business card and gave it to me. Pointing at his email address, he said all I need to do is drop him a line saying that I want to migrate to CEO. I informed him that I had already mailed iCAC but haven’t received any communication from them. He said he’ll look into it personally. In the end, he also informed me that as he didn’t carry anything with him he couldn’t help me shift to the new plan. He said he’ll send someone very soon to my office and the formalities will just take 5 minutes. He asked if I needed to know anything else, shook hands with me and left.

I saw him smartly jumping on his ‘Victor’ and disappearing in the traffic . I left the head office with hope.

May God give idea guys energy and strength to serve millions and billions of customers like me .

Rest all if fine. I still don’t have the CEO. 😮

– The Big K –

P.S : 880 Hits on my Blog ! wow!

1 Comment

  1. Anurag

    April 25, 2006

    Post a Reply

    This is to bring to the notice of Idea users about discrepancy observed in the billing and reaction of iCAC:-

    In the SMS section, I observed that all numbers has been mentioned minimum thrice (time difference between SMS appr 7 sec) on following date:-
    – 15th Mar

    Similarly, I observed that maximum numbers has been mentioned twice (time difference between SMS appr 7 sec) on following dates:-
    – 30th Mar
    – 11th Apr

    Is it possible? Will any person send message to the same number thrice or even twice in such short duration and that too to so many numbers and that also on some particular day?

    At least, I do not send the message twice forget thrice to anybody and I don’t send long SMS forget MMS.

    Hence on observing the above in the bill, I immediately contacted 4999 and lodged the complaint on 13th April 2006 @10:25 pm. The person was prompt and accordingly a message with Communication ID was received in standard format from Idea.

    I have been regularly following up on this and to my surprise, getting assurance from everyone that it should be resolved by next day afternoon. From 15th Apr till date, that afternoon has not come, when it was assured to be resolved.

    It is a serious billing software issue and more serious affect is losing the confidence of the Customer and MAKING HIM THINK ABOUT the benefit of setting up Customer Care and calling it, if Customer is not to be cared for.

    I spoke to the head of Customer Care and following are his clarification list for the issue:-
    – Maybe you are sending MMS message
    – Maybe you are sending the message multiple times (will anybody send to all numbers?)
    – Maybe your mobile has virus (which quite surprisingly 🙂 acts on particular date)
    – our billing system is perfect and whatever it mentions is right (I pointed that I had taken credit from Idea twice when they had launched a scheme mentioning inform error in the bill and take credit)
    – etc, etc…

    Note: Please check your bill details for such events which especially happens during festive time.


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