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Its Not ‘That Easy’

By on Feb 26, 2006 | 1 comment

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Past few days have been really great. I’ve been facing failures on almost everything I’m doing; but I’ve learnt great lessons.

I realized that its very difficult to gather a team and get it going till the mission is accomplished. The problem, is about keeping the team spirit high. You never know what’s next. You encounter problems in almost everything. Unexpected happens in almost everything you do. Yep, this ‘unexpected’ motivates me… not everyone.

One more thing, never ever procrastinate anything! Just Do it – NOW! I fell flat on my face couple of times because of my habit of procrastinating. Why do we rely so much on future? Why do we take future for granted? Time runs so fast and changes everything with it. So the next important learning -> Never keep things for the future. Just do it. Never take anything for granted!

I’ve also realized that people think I don’t work! :shock: That is because: 1. Most of the times I’m smiling and do not keep a ’serious’ expression on my face. 2. I’m quick witted (people have told me). 3. I’m involved in so many activities in my spare time. Typically, people love to see a guy working with serious expressions and no smile : Indicator of hard work! What the heck!

The last problem that I’m facing is – keeping my motivation high. When everything seems going wrong and nothing happens the way you want, its really tough to get going. There’s so much I’ve planned and working on currently. People suggest me ‘Do one thing at a time’. Well I’m not stupid! Whenever I’m doing something, I’m 100% into it. I can’t do 20 things at a time! No human can!

Lately, lots of my colleagues are joining other companies. The sole reason for joining seems a ‘fat’ salary. Whenever people tell me that they got a GREAT PACKAGE (salary+perks) I feel bad. Not that I’m jealous, but my brain compares them with the slaves who were traded by rich men, centuries ago. Its the same, think about it if you got some free time for yourself.

Its time to conclude. I’m a slave too :)

-The Big K-

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