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By on Mar 22, 2006 | 0 comments

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Right now, I’m happy with myself. Well 11:48 p.m is not the time to be happy with yourself. Ever since I started using my brain, I started living in a world full of opportunities. Since I want to keep a few things confidential, I’ll tell you how my mom helped the night-watchman of our apartment find an opportunity which nearly doubled his income.

The watchman, ‘Sharma Ji’ earned around Rs. 1800/- per month (that was until 4 months ago). His duty would start at 8.00 p.m and end at 8.00 a.m. My mom asked him if he could clean the cars & two-wheelers in the morning. Every resident would pay him around 100 bucks for his services. This simple idea worked like magic for him. He makes more money and happiness radiates from his face. He’s more prompt in his services. If I ever come late at night, he calls the lift & turns on lights in the parking area. Simple idea, but everyone in our apartment is happy with him & they are already talking about giving him a raise.

I had a chance to watch Sabeer Bhatia’s Interview on CNBC. Sabeer Bhatia-Creator of HotMail ! Sabeer & his friend thought of creating a free web-based email service because they could not communicate with each other via office email. They suspected that their boss read all their mails. So they created Hotmail! In the first year, they had around 10 million subscribers! Fantastic! Microsoft wanted to acquire Hotmail for initial bid of USD 169 M. Sabeer & his partner wanted to sell it for USD 700 M! The deal was finally settled at USD 400 M! Now USD 400 M is a ‘LOT’ of money, believe me 😉 .


Update#2 is no way related to the title of this post :mrgreen:. My latest project consumes all 8 hours of my professional life. My dreaming time is now reduced to only 4-5 hours. I don’t think anyone should sleep for more than 5 hours. I’m unable to devote time to ‘Classical Guitar’. FYI, I’m learning to play ‘Classical Guitar’ these days. Now, since I’m 100% confident that you don’t know what a classical guitar is, you need me to enlighten you. Classical guitar is also called as nylon string guitar. You need to control 9 figures in synch. I must not forget to mention that you play ‘Western Classical’ music with classical guitar and not the Indian ragas.

My friend, Gary has decided to join NM for his higher studies. Frankly speaking, I’m not really happy about his decision. If he had stayed, we’d have been damn good partners. Anyway, its his decision & let’s (i’ll wish him on behalf of you – the literate readers of this blog) wish him all the best for his future.
My friend, Mithil isn’t happy with things going on in his life. I’ll hope that things become smooth & he gets whatever he wants.

The Movie ( Title: Three Point No One)that I was making, has been stopped. I have no one to blame. It wasn’t a motivated team I suppose. Things got delayed indefinitely. I feel bad about it. We had worked very hard in initial stages (especially with story & dialog writing). Maybe I’ll take up another interesting project sometime in future.
The growth of CE forum is beyond my imagination! 🙂 People are joining everyday and are proactively posting interesting messages. I’ll tell you the whole story of CE forum someday.

I’ll wind up here. The number of hits on my blog have tremendously increased (Ref: World Literate Count in the adjacent column). Will write more later.

-The Big K-

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