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Why Smoke?

By on Apr 28, 2006 | 5 comments

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There are a few questions which will hover over my brain for the next 5 decades. One of the questions is “Why do people Smoke?”. What is it about the cigarette that is so addictive? I feel bad when I see my close friends smoke 😕

I am good at observing people & I’ll write down my analysis ( :mrgreen: ) –

#1 Reason: A general rule that applies to everyone is that “People want quick answers”. I mean quick answers to everything. People want quick money. People want quick promotions. People want quick appreciations. People want quick education. People want quick joys. Well, everything in a jiffy. I have observed that people want instant answers to their instant worries.

#2 Reason: A few intelligent souls want to try everything once. So people get into smoking because they try it once.

#3 Reason: A few evolved brains think that its ‘cool’ to smoke.

I don’t understand (and don’t want to understand) whats the fun with sucking the cigarette butt and filling your lungs with nicotine smoke. I mean, what do you get?

Same is true with people who drink. What’s the deal with flooding your intestine with alcohol? Why do people want to lose their sense? Well, its more fun when you know that you are having fun.
Stay away from smoke & alcohol.
-The Big K-


  1. Administrator

    April 29, 2006

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    I understand your emotions. 🙂
    Yeh, I’m an Engineer & I don’t drink or smoke.

  2. Sholiz

    July 9, 2006

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    It’s a vice, simple addiction used to cope with the “real world”.

    For me, a “lighter” smoker than most, it’s a way to separate myself from the world for 5 minutes when I step outside to smoke a cig. I understand it’s bad, I understand all that, and it’s something I shouldn’t do but continue to do. It’s one way that I keep myself “sane”. Separating myself from my work, even for — 5 minutes, keeps my mindset focused when I come back to continue working.

  3. devesh

    January 31, 2007

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    i am also a very light smoker n use to smoke a cig once or twice a day.i know its bad
    but i think its my best buddy when i m alone n also i like my worries to go into air away from me like the smoke.i want to stop but i m not able to.excess of everything is bad n i think i m not doiing so… goes on with that.
    any comments?

  4. The_Big_K

    January 31, 2007

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    This post has been notorious. I knew people would start hating me after reading it. The only argument which I received in favor of smoking is “It takes me in my own world for few minutes”. Ciggi becomes your best friend over the time.

    I only smile at the above argument. I don’t see any logic in it. I, too, work for hours at stretch and feel tired. I too, sometimes want to be away from everyone. But then, I never felt like having a puff or two. I’d call it self-control. Why should I do anything I know is bad? I’d want to be in ‘my world’ where I hurt myself and people around me (the insane passive smokers).

    Second stupid argument is “I’m not doing it in excess”. There are 1000s of supportive arguments this single argument can have. Again, 1 ciggie/day is just like taking out one brick/day out of your house walls. The house will fall eventually.

    In the end, we all are educated people and we know what we should be doing. If its about restoring your focus & being your own – ask yourself this simple question “What should I be doing/thinking about right now?”. Your negativity will go in a moment and you’ll get your focus. It works, try it. If it doesn’t, go out for a walk or just drink cold water.

    Have a will. Try it. Impossible is Nothing.

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