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Keep Trying

By on May 11, 2006 | 2 comments

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Sincerely, stuff that’s happening in my atmosphere isn’t good. My last post must have given you some idea about it. Losing money isn’t good, believe me. There’s one more addition to my list of lessons.

‘Keep Trying’! – Untill you achieve what you want or you learn that you got kicked out. Remember! Its the final result which counts, but do not forget to have fun while you ‘keep trying’. I really spent a few days butt-kissing a Big Internet Company only to learn that they thought I’m a weed in their publisher crop. Doesn’t matter! Handling rejection isn’t good. But to my surprize, I found myself enjoying it!

I already feel like a winner. Temporary failures/rejections do not seem to matter to me. Sometimes I think I’m a weasel. I can actually find happiness in almost anything! You’ll have to be me to know what I’m trying to say. :mrgreen:

I have stopped drawing daily cartoons on my cubicle white-board. I realized that some people (approx. 48%) can’t take humor, some (approx. 48%) pretend to have great sense of humor and remaining 2%* actually have a great sense of humor. You cannot make people realize how stupidly they behave in some (read : most of the) situations.

My performance @ the RD Burman Show was good. I wished I could play Guitar. This was the second time I performed without my Guitar. It was nice to hear comments like “He’s the only one who’s singing, others are reading poems” , “really nice voice” , “hey excellent man!”. Few strangers approached to say, “you don’t know me, but I’ve heard a lot about you”. I’m grateful to everyone who liked my performance.

This is the second last and totally unnecessary sentence. This is the last sentence of this post, Bye!

-The Big K-

* Remaining 2% do not matter :mrgreen:


  1. KK

    May 24, 2006

    Post a Reply

    48 + 48 = 96… remaining 4 % not 2 %…
    and if you remember you said you are strong in math….
    never mind…

  2. The Big K

    May 24, 2006

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    Thanks for your comment, KK. Let’s be ‘on the same page’. ‘Rest 2%’ is correct and it was deliberate. The sum presented in my post results in 98%. You won’t be pleased to know that the remaining 2% of the total population is actually being ignored.

    I’ll update the post righ away! 🙂

    -The Big K-

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