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By on May 30, 2006 | 0 comments

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I am dedicating this part of webspace to my friend Gary. Good news is that Gary got selected in a first class B-school & not-so-good news is that he is confused if he should join it. His doubt is genuine – Will two years of MBAing add value to his career (& life)? Now Gary has spent around 3 years preparing for pre-MBA aptitude tests. I know its tough to crack those tests and get good percentile because the competition is tough and seats are limited.

Gary & I spent about an hour lakeside discussing this issue. I wish I could make him arrive at a decision. Suddenly I remember the month of October (2005) when I was faced with the same problem. Shall I invest 2 precious years of my life doing M.B.A? It wasn’t easy to decide and October is the worst month to have such type of realizations or doubts. You can’t just let 7-8 months of preparation go. But the biggest question was “Why do I want to do an M.B.A?”.

Soul searching lead to following answer -> Duuhhh! With M.B.A.! I had started preparing for CAT because all my friends were preparing for it and I had no clue what else to do. To be frank, high paying jobs never allured me. I don’t know what they’d teach me in M.B.A program; but all I know is that it doesn’t matter. People become successful without attending B-schools. In fact, all my idols are college dropouts. What would I gain after 2 years? Nothing – that’d help me achieve my goals. My idols are all those who walk their own path and either end up being big winners or big losers. But at least they “live” their life. Success and failure doesn’t matter.

The more I think the more I realize. Education narrowed my focus instead of making it wider. Four years of Electrical Engineering didn’t teach me how to repair broken geezer. I have to use common sense to fix the switch board and my degree doesn’t help me a damn. Would M.B.A ( read the full form: Master of Business Administration) teach me how to Administer a Business? Or would it teach me how to mind someone else’s business? Would it teach me how to handle real life unexpected risks? Where do M.B.A guys end up? Probably they make their living by analyzing finance reports or creating marketing campaigns for big companies. Having all the money and yet no time to enjoy it – isn’t really my style. Some of them, I heard, took music as career. Another started a restaurant. Harsha Bhogle, an IIM Grad, chose to be cricket commentator. It didn’t require an M.B.A afterall.

That’s how I think. Gary has one week to decide and my prediction is that he will join the course. If he does, Great! If he doesn’t, Great! Good Luck, Gary!

-The Big K-
p.s: I beg an excuse for my imperfect English. I’m sleepy, philosophical and as usual, too lazy to hit F7 :mrgreen:

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