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Big K’s Guide To Rapid Typing

By on Jul 4, 2006 | 1 comment

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So you always envied your colleague who types without looking at the keyboard? You always thought life would have been much better if you had joined a typing class. You thought your productivity would skyrocket if you knew you could ‘think’ while your fingers did all the typing…

Well, my friend, I’ll tell you all the secrets of rapid typing. I didn’t join any typing course in my life. But yes, I can type very fast! Without looking at the keyboard! I’ll share some self-invented tips for improving your typing speed…

..::Improve Your Typing Speed::..

Now, no mega promises. I don’t have a magic pill which will boost your typing speed after reading this article. So, read at your own risk. I suggest that you read the following article if and only if you have the ‘desire’ to work on your typing speed. Nothing will happen unless you have the desire.

Tip#1 : Position your fingers
I know you have been looking at your keyboard for years. But did you ever observe the keys ‘F’ & ‘J’ ? Did you ever wonder what’s so special with them? Did you ever question the presence of a tiny notch on those keys?

Don’t worry. Those keys are your reference keys. Have a look at the ‘number pad’ on the right hand side of keyboard. ‘5’ is the reference key. Right? Now use your ‘index’ fingers to locate ‘F’ & ‘J’ keys; of course, without looking at the keyboard. Put the other fingers respectively – starting with the little finger of left hand on ‘A’ . The little finger of the right hand on the ‘ ;’ key. I hope you have positioned your hands properly. Both the thumbs should be rested on the space bar.

Tip#2 : Learn how to press the keys
Well, don’t smile. This is an important tip. Now, decide which finger will press what key. For example, I press ‘Y’ with the index finger of left hand and ‘U’ with the index finger of right hand. You better know what’s comfortable for you.

Do you know that you can change the case by pressing shift + key. That is, if you want to type ‘A‘, you need to press shift (hold) & a. Here’s how to do it-

For the keys pressed using left hand, press the shift key using little finger of right hand & vice-versa. Confused? Let’s take an example. To type a capital ‘A’, I press key ‘A’ by little finger of left hand while holding the ‘shift’ key by little finger of right hand.

Read above paragraph again if you didn’t understand.

Tip#3 : Remembering the keyboard
Easy! This is not a spoiler. Eventually you are going to remember the keyboard. Surprisingly, you won’t even realize that you remember the keyboard. To start with, a little trouble to your brain –

Have a look at keyboard. ‘E’ & ‘R’ are adjacent. ‘M’ comes just below the index finger of your right hand. Do memorize the location of these keys ‘P’, ‘O’, ‘C’, ‘V’.

Tip#4 : How to practice
Just 10 minutes for next 10 days. I bet you’ll type rapidly and without looking at keyboard. At least you will impress yourself.

– Take an article from newspaper or magazine and fire up your notepad. You may use an online article too. Its totally up to you.

– Read a complete sentence and try to type it on your notepad without looking at keyboard. Refer Tips 1-2-3 if you need.

– Initially, you will feel like looking at the keyboard. Don’t cheat yourself.

– Feel the sense of urgency. Try to type as if you will win a Billion dollars if you type it in shortest possible time. Give it a try, it does a magic.

– Easy on typos. Don’t worry about typos. You will make less mistakes once you feel comfortable typing without looking at keyboard. Most text processors will aid you by auto correcting your typos.

A little trouble for next 10 days will change the way you use your computer, forever! Do not forget to shout in the shoutbox.

-The Big K-

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  1. Amitabh K

    May 17, 2007

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    There is a free typing test available at Brainbench. I actually have a certificate to show – awarded at the time they were giving out free certificates!

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