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By on Jul 14, 2006 | 4 comments

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What would one do, in a company canteen, while waiting for the snacks & sitting on a chair with an empty steel glass in front of you on a big plane table?^

Either look at the glass hopelessly or rotate it and observe the pattern it makes on the table! I chose the later & my colleague thought it was so kid-like & immature. Hell!

Did you ever take a look around yourself & observe all those serious, mature, responsible, dependable creatures? My statistics show that such creatures form 97%# of the total creatures on earth. These are the people who would typically (//one or more applicable) –

  1. Smile or laugh only when someone else (from the rest 3%) cracks a joke or says something funny, which is ‘not’ directly related to them.
  2. Think that the world will under perform without them.
  3. Climb only 1 step at a time on a big staircase.
  4. Prefer to be silent in most of the situations.
  5. (Pretend to) Think 1000 times before any decision.
  6. Be *afraid* of seniors in organization, family etc.
  7. Work while you work & play(?) while you play(?).
  8. Save for the rainy day. Philosophy: Money Saved Is Money Earned.
  9. Tolerate anything, for any amount of time.
  10. Watch T.V. everyday for at least 1 hour.
  11. Seen the world; been there done that.
  12. Been dealing with family problems(?) since childhood.
  13. Afraid of taking ‘risk’.
  14. Drive vehicles fast to experience the ‘thrill’.
  15. Feel that they were unlucky.
  16. Good at finding excuses than finding solutions.
  17. Talk about other people who are not around.
  18. Refrain from reading books.
  19. Wanted to play the ‘Guitar’.
  20. Mention ‘sleeping’ as a hobby in their casual introductions.
  21. (New) Have lots of secrets. If they reveal them, the earth would shatter.
  22. (New) Do not get time to do anything different.
  23. (New: added on 19th July) Their emails have subject line as ‘Hi!!!!!!!!!’ 🙂 . Note that the exclamation marks are used to indicated that they too, can have fun.
  24. … I can go on adding bullets here, but it’s of no use.

The trouble with such people, I see, is that they live either in the ‘past’ or in the ‘future’. I sometimes wonder what happens to such people? Where does life take them? Do they really ‘think’ & act maturely? Or are they just dumb with apparently no thoughts flowing in their brains?

Incidentally, words by Mr. Lokmanya Tilak (India’s Freedom Fighter) struck my head. He said (and I paraphrase) “Your head should have the ice of thoughts & your heart should have the fire of emotions. The fire should not melt the ice & the ice should not cease the fire”. How true!

So all you ‘Matures’, Where’s the ice & where’s the fire?

By the way, I figured out that the C.G of the glass in our canteen lies on the axis of glass, just below the center :mrgreen:

-The Big K-

-Important Notice-
I have observed that people think I find fault with everything! Duh! Well, I don’t. This blog is just a place to dump the junk from my head. Nevertheless, I continue to hope that this junk will ignite few dormant minds who will bring out the change to the world & make it a better place to live!

^ – I’m working on my sentence construction skills :mrgreen:

# – I made that up :mrgreen:


  1. its me...

    August 3, 2006

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    i must say your research on so-called-mature people is worth appreciating but i wonder why you sound so obsessed with these kind of people….

  2. The_Big_K

    August 3, 2006

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    but i wonder why you sound so obsessed with these kind of people….

    Am I? 🙂

  3. its me...

    August 3, 2006

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    yes, it seems from your post!!! i hope your boss is not a person like that 😉

  4. The_Big_K

    August 4, 2006

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    I’m lucky! My manager is a wonderful person! I’m not at all obsessed with the so-called ‘matures’. I’m shocked to see that majority of us are like that. This behavior is an outcome of a person living heavily either in ‘past’ or ‘future’. I strongly feel that one should live for the moment. Past is a history and no one can change it. Future is yet to come and will never come. The current time is the reality. Let’s have fun and do a good job every minute.

    That’s how I think.

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