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Let’s Have Fun!

By on Aug 28, 2006 | 1 comment

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Let’s have fun!

“Happiness is the ultimate aim of life” they say. So do we need to wait all our life for that wonderful day when we will be happy? I don’t think so.

This year, I took an initiative to start Ganesh Utsav in our company. Nobody thought of celebrating Ganesh Utsav in our company before. I shared the idea with four colleagues & they liked the idea. We got started, worked hard & got the things done. This post comes on the first day of week long celebrations. But last 5-6 days have taught me so much about getting things done, the right way. But there’s more I have to say…

Ever since we started preparing for this week long celebrations, we faced many difficult situations. But when presented with problems, our team loved to solve them & we had fun. Unexpected things kept on happening (and will happen in the coming week) & we had to take decisions. People who promised to show up on time did not. We had to do it all ourselves. At times, it seemed like we are the *only 4* who are concerned about making the event successful. I have no complaints against anyone, but I just fail to understand – Why do people miss opportunities of having fun?

Last 6 days have been fun filled & I hope next 4 days will be fun too! It was fun to roam hopelessly , searching for Ganesh Idol. It was fun to buy the decoration stuff. It was fun to negotiate with the drummers. It was fun to buy the forgotten table cloth at the last moment. I feel sad for the people who missed all the fun that we had.

Well, its fun to organize, take lead & see things happen. We have set a trend. I hope that it will continue for years to come.

-The Big K-

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