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By on Nov 21, 2006 | 3 comments

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I’m back after long time & I think its high time that I update this blog with a new post. Today, I booked Hero Octane 26T. Hero’s Octane 26T is an alumnium bike with shock absorbers & disk breaks. The bike is one of its kind as it has 21 gears!

Well, now the schoker! While other bikes in market cost around 2-3k bucks, this one costs only 8.5k! 😯 That’s lots of money, honey! That’s only one thing. Few days ago, I bought a Levi’s jeans for 2.2k bucks! Few months back I bout a pair of Nike for 5k bucks! So is Mr. Big K a spendthrift?

Maybe he is. Money is a means to make things happen and it is not ‘everything’. I buy ‘stuff’ because I can afford it. Quality comes at a price and I’m convinced about it. I have my fundamentals clear – I want to enjoy the best things. Money will make me enjoy them & I must be careful about money. Being careful does not mean that I should start saving money right away. Saving won’t make me rich enough to buy a Ferrari or a Private Jet. Probably I need to master the subject of money (its much more than MBA-Finance, really). I understand the importance of saving. I understand that money can grow by investing; but we need to look much beyond Mutual Funds & Stock Market. Real Estate is just one vehicle, there’s a big world beyond it.

I’m surprised to see people around me who earn a lot more than I and yet think Rs. 5000/- Nike pair is waste of money. Why do we earn money for? For me, the money has value only when you spend it. My estimate of expenditure on the so called ‘Rainy Day’ is around Rs. 200k. I don’t think I’ll need more than that if anything goes seriously wrong.

Above all, we need to be the masters of money & not the slaves of it.

-The Big K-


  1. Raghu

    December 2, 2006

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    Hi Big k…. How is your experience with OCtane 26T. I m trying to get one here in chennai. Here the guys are tellin 11.5k so just waitn for the good deal. I was really impressed by your blog… Got similar Ideas.. Thinkin of the same to start my own venture or go for CAT. just wavering btwn those two…

  2. The_Big_K

    December 2, 2006

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    Hi Raghu!

    My Octane is yet to arrive. The dealer said Hero guys have modified the bike & therefore I’ll have to wait 4-5 days more to ride it. I’ll write about my experience with Octane 26T. I hope they don’t charge extra for the modifications.

    Thanks for your comment on my blog 🙂 . Regarding CAT/Venture dilemma, the earlier you decide, the better you do in either. I spent around 2 years trying for CAT and then in Oct 2005 (a month before CAT) I realized that I’ll be wasting 2 years of my life studying MBA.

    Whatever your choose, Best Of Luck!

  3. Bazil

    June 26, 2009

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    Hello friends!
    I recently got my new hero octane 26T. I was really excited like the others about having this cool looking bike. I ride it quite a lot and have got it fitted with an odometer too. My bike, at least has not proved to be one from Hero’s factory. The brakes, to start with, are always troublesome and require constant adjustments to be able to function well. Moreover, I am
    very disappointed with the front suspension, that is too hard to be fitted into a bicycle. The suspension does not work well enough. The rear suspension works well and can be adjusted according to the rider’s comfort level. The carrier cover looks awfully ugly and cannot be removed easily thanks to the irregular bolts that hold it. I got my bike’s carrier removed somehow, so it looks more sporty now.The gears are maybe the best you can wish for, but need to be adjusted perfectly to give a strong and powerful response. The bike is too heavy, the same as my previous Hercules bravo and I doubt it if it’s actually made of an all aluminium frame. The rest is for you guys to check for. All the best.

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