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The Death Of An Entrepreneur

By on Nov 28, 2006 | 1 comment

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Mahesh Murthy, my favorite entrepreneur/writer, when asked “95% of the businesses fail, then why should anyone start a business?” replied “100% of the Humans Die, why live?”
Don’t you think that’s an amazing answer?

My friend, Vaibhav, couldn’t score well in HSC (FYI, he had flunked SSC once). Obviously, he couldn’t become an Engineer or Doctor. He chose ‘Commerce’ as his field of study and continued with it. In India, if you cannot score well in exams, you may not get admission in kick-ass college which in turn destroys your chances of getting a kick-ass job. So, those who cannot get a kick-ass job (for 90% of our crowd, kick-ass job is a job in kick-ass IT company), take up entrepreneurship as career.

Vaibhav, an entrepreneur that he is, asked his uncle to introduce him to the Candico (biscuits & bread) distributor. Vaibhav is soft spoken & can readily build a rapport with anyone. Vaibhav got started immediately and turned the screws, got his first order, then second, then third & started distributing the Candico boxes to shopkeepers. Of course, money wasn’t good in the beginning. Vaibhav started making money though commissions & then hired a van to deliver the Candico boxes. He then hired a guy who’d help him distribute the boxes across the shops in the city. Vaibhav worked hard and I felt good for him. At least someone around me had chosen to break the Birth-Education-Job-Retirement-Death cycle.

I had heard that his little startup made him enough money and he had clients all over the city.

Then last week, I saw him with a bag in hand. It was evening and he looked tired. He proudly announced that he had now found a steady & stable job as a mobile salesman. He stands up in a big mall & sells the mobiles to customers. Yet another entrepreneur died.

On asking the reason why they quit their ventures, he said “The new job allows me to work less but yet earn more. Moreover, we get steady paycheck & there are growth opportunities”.

I truly believe that Vaibhav should have held on for few more months. He should have though big & one day he’d have opened his big office. But he chose to quit.

I’m a big fan of Donald Trump. He says “Never Give UP!” – “Only Losers Quit!”. My favorite one liner from Donald is this – (I’ll put it on a new line so that it makes an impression on your mind) :

“Be stubborn enough – Don’t quit until you win” 😀 Amazing! Isn’t it?

The Big K

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