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By on Nov 29, 2006 | 0 comments

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Everyone’s into Stocks & Shares! - Good

Big K is Not - Good too!

Big K’s Disclaimer: Nothing is Good / Bad, Right/Wrong. Its all in your mind. (Now that you’ve read the disclaimer, keep it in your mind while reading the text below)

Being an Engineer, I’m naturally weak at money & finance. But then, I geniunely believe that I’m fully loaded with Common Sense :mrgreen: . To be very honest, I do not understand the concept of investing in stocks & shares. Of course, its good way of earning (read losing?) money for anyone who’s looking for a secondary income. I’ve already ready dozes of stories of men & women who made it big at stock exchange! But still…

This is what everyone does – Find & hire a stock market wizard (you can see them at every nook & corner), trust him, give him the money, he gives a return which is slightly higher than the banks’ return. This, for me, is ridiculous.

First of all, I want to be in control! I can’t just let things happen and do nothing about it. Stock market doesn’t go up & down as per your will and therefore I think its the riskiest place to put your money in; of course, if you are not a company going public ;) . The standard advice the finance wizards give is – “Buy when the prices are low and sell when the prices are high”. Then if the stock value goes down, you must wait untill there’s a boom. 😕 Guess how risky it is if I’m a retired man with only bank savings at my rescue?

Moreover, “buy when prices are low…” is a philosophy which everyone understands. If everyone buys when the price is low, how will everyone make money when the prices go up?

Whatever, I’ll try to be away from Stock Market as long as possible. I already know when to go there 😉

The Big K

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