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Stubborn Or Stupid

By on Nov 30, 2006 | 6 comments

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Donald Trump says, you should be stubborn enough so that you do not quit unless you win. Robert Kiyosaki says, its makes no sense to quit mid-way. My friend says, there’s a thin line between Stubbron & Stupid.

I think DT & RK make more sense to me. Only losers quit. Winners never give up. Winners go for a next try in a ‘different’ way. Edison had tried 10,000 different ways before actually lighting the lamp. Now you may say, Edison should have quit at the 100th try (because, he had already tried enough and more tries would have been called ‘stupidity’). Now how do we decide, what to do?

I think Richard Branson has the answer. He says “Screw It! Let’s Do It!”. I live by those lines these days. So you know you’ll be screwed anyways; Do It! 😛

Richard Branson is my idol. What life men! He wrote a letter to his school head master a letter explaining how the school could be run better, He quit school to start ‘Student’ magazine, He went to Jail, He started Virgin Music, He started Virgin Airways, He won the ‘Dirty War’ against British Airways, He traveled the Atlantic in Hot Air Balloon and now he is starting Virgin Galactic! Oh, did I forget Virgin Railways, Virgin Mobile, … damn it!

Richard failed so many times in his world record attempts (balloon trips). Never never quit. Richard didn’t do very well during first 2 years of ‘Student’, but he didn’t quit.

Do you call Richard Stupid? Noway! He’s rocking!

Decision taken: Never Quit. Be stubborn enough and it doesn’t matter even if people call you stupid. Give it a new try everytime. Its that simple.

On the top of that, I’m a stubbornly optimistic guy :mrgreen:

-The Big K-


  1. durga

    June 23, 2009

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    very old post! not sure How its missed. Too true.

    PS I was digging up all your previous posts and they really worth a read 🙂

  2. Pallavi

    June 25, 2009

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    @ Big K:compare it with your Where am I? post and few other like those that you wrote and then you will know the difference!

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