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Everyone wants to go On-Site

By on Dec 22, 2006 | 0 comments

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The love of America will never stop haunting Indian Middle Class brains. Err! Why do I sound so rude?

After spending some time in the software industry as a Cheap English Speaking Software Labour (CESSL), I’m convinced that each CESSL secretly dreams about visiting America. I really wonder what magic did America do on CESSL’s little brains.

Common Sense tells us that an average CESSL goes to America to earn money. Money is important because we are deeply indebted here. We have our own set of liabilities and responsibilities. We have bought homes and stuffed them with Plasma TVs, Home Theaters, Refrigerators and what not. Banks will eat us alive if we do not repay their money to them.

Then there’s a sense of achievement. I’ll prefer not to talk (/write) about it. Once we land in America, we enter the ‘Saving’ mode. We save each dollar that we earn. We live frugally. We avoid making phone calls to motherland.

Opportunities! They have plenty of them there. I really fail to understand, how come they have more opportunities than us? There’s lot to be done here, you just have to think differently.

Well, here comes my opinion – CESSLs should go to America to enjoy and not to save. Learn good things from them. Come back, implement them here.

-The Big K-

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