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A Simple Life

By on Dec 27, 2006 | 2 comments

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I really hate to use words like ‘life’ in posts. But sometimes, you just have no option. Few incidents happen around you which make you think about yourself; say they make you do a deep soul trotting.

Its a routine to see software girls getting engaged to guys who come from the USA. Well, ask me, “so what?”. I know, nothing new. Around 1.5 years ago, I was involved in making a movie (as a scripts & dialogs writer, director, actor etc.). It was based on the life of software engineers & the flawed appraisal system. As part of ‘The End’, the software guys get screwed up badly by the system and the girl gets engaged to her childhood friend in the USA :mrgreen:. I see the same story repeats year after year.

Aha! What a simple life! You spend so many years studying in India. You get all the degrees. You join a company. Then you get married and leave everything all suddenly. Everything is a cakewalk. It doesn’t get simpler than this.

I just can’t resist my urge to put myself in the shoes of such girls. How would I feel? What would be my purpose of journey on earth? What would I do for my country? How would I think about changing the world?  Or would these questions ever cross my mind? Would I feel guilty about wasting all the knowledge that I’ve gained for so many years?

Nope, I’m not complaining. Just that I’m a maverick at heart & a rebel.

-The Big K-


  1. Gawran Pundit

    January 21, 2009

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    great post which echoes my own thoughts….all these girls who get BE/Btech degree have a common idea that “If i am engineer , then my hubby shud be MS/MTech or settled in US with handsome salary” …If not , then what are his chances of settling in foreign country ? how frequent are his visits to foreign countries ??

    Seriously speaking , I think its impossible to find a girl who loves you for the person you are instead of what you earn or what your social status is !

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