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Not Everybody…

By on Dec 28, 2006 | 0 comments

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(I know, not everybody thinks like I do)

I hear this often: Not everybody can be an entrepreneur. Not everybody can be Richard Branson or Bill Gates. Not everybody can follow his/her dreams. Not everybody can be a writer. Not everybody can play a musical instrument. Not everybody…

For me, the trouble starts when we count ourselves in the ‘everybody’ gang. For all our life, we try to be a part of this ‘everybody’ group and convince ourselves that we are ‘different’.

My parents want me to go to the USA and see the big world out there. I am aware of their feelings. I feel bad that I can’t fulfill their wish. At heart, I never felt like going to USA (or any other country) & get a job there. I don’t see any fun in going to any other country and working. There no fun in complaining that there are not enough opportunities back home. To me, its just stupid.

I’m not after quick success. Everyone around me is advising me that I should leave the city and look for better job opportunities. It doesn’t make any sense to me. Everybody just wants to me like everybody else: Go to USA, Enjoy, Bring lots of money back to India and build houses here.

Again, you come back to question #01: What the heck are you doing on earth? Basically, under normal situations all you do is –

1. Convert Oxygen into Carbon-di-oxide.

2. Convert foodgrains/animals into soil (couldn’t find an appropriate word here)

3. Reproduce.

What matters is, what you do apart from this! Do you add value to the earth? Do you make it a better place to live? Forget about it. Let’s make it simpler. Are you following your dreams? Or you don’t have a dream at all? Are you where you always wanted to be? Or are you on the path which takes you to the place where you want to be? Debate champs, hold it there. I know everything I’m putting here leads to debate. But try to read between the lines. You know exactly what I’m trying to say here.

The bottom line is – There’s no fun in being like everyone else. You have to learn to dream. Then you have to learn to dream big. Then you have to follow your dream until you make it a reality. Then you have to dream again. Its that simple.

So, I’m not going anywhere to work. I’ll just tour the world sometimes soon. My message to the people who went to foreign countries to earn money or because you couldn’t see opportunities here – “You are already doing the best you can for your country, just keep doing it forever :mrgreen: “.

-The Big K-

p.s.: I’ll write something funny next time. Its been long since I wrote funny stuff.

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