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To Do In 2007

By on Jan 1, 2007 | 0 comments

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An hour has past since India entered the new year. I’m back home & writing this post. I just had a great time with my friends who do not booze off. The city streets were full of people trying their a$$ off to celebrate & welcome the new year, 2007.

I’ve decided to learn from “the mistakes” which I did in year 2006. There are couple of new things I’d like to do. I’ve decided to follow my “Screw It, Let’s Do It” motto for next 365 days.

I do not need a special occasion to take up ‘to do’ list. But I’m writing it down on new year’s occasion. In my corporate life, I plan to “proactively seek opportunities to mitigate risks and leverage my core competencies”. Don’t ask me what it means. Probably, its simply “I’ll act less stupid”.

I plan to work on growing my venture(s) without affecting my corporate life. I’m convinced that I’m a multi-tasking guy who is good at time management. Therefore, I hope to face fewer problems.

I plan to pursue my bicycling dream. Hell! I still haven’t obtained my Octane 26T. But that’s okay.

Once Microsoft Windows Vista launches, I’ll purchase a Laptop computer which comes preinstalled with the Vista OS. I will buy a copy of Microsoft Office too. I understand that I need these softwares to work efficiently.

I will go to the Jungles and shoot the animals. This won’t put me in jail because digital photography is legal in India.

I’ll seriously devote time everyday to learn Classical (Nylon String) & Rock Guitar. I’ve been Guitaring for almost 6 years now, but there’s lot more to learn.

Yoga – I’ll seriously devote about 20 minutes every morning to do “Anulom-Vilom”, “Kapal-Bharati” & “Bahya-Pranayam”.

I will continue to read new, good books & enlighten people around me (victims) about all the education that I derive from them.

In the new year 2007, I will not openly talk about everything I want to do or I pla… eh! 😕

-The Big K-

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