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Big K ~Vs~ SMS

By on Feb 14, 2007 | 0 comments

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One of the latest observations that Big K made last week is that there are many people who actually visit this place hoping to find something funny or at least, something new. Since I do not get time to update this place (blah! who am I fooling? I do get time, but most of the times, my brain fails to generate content while I stare at the blank screen). I’m not sure if I should write a post like this. I pray to god that you won’t start hating me after reading this post.

I had been to my college two weeks ago. Frankly speaking, it doesn’t look like an Engineering college anymore. In our times ( :mrgreen: ), we’d either talk to each other or complete our journals & talk (for some reasons, we never completed our journals on time :mrgreen: ) But now, they don’t talk to each other. They (the students) either talk on phone or stare at the tiny screen in their cell phones. That’s so irritating. At times, it feels that the whole purpose of going to college is to find lots of free time so that all sms’es can be forwarded to every available cell phone on earth. SMS! – Short Message Service! Why am I against the SMS?

Now, I agree that I don’t have really strong points to defend my stand against SMS. But I’m writing what I feel. First of all, the SM service, I think, will destroy the English Lanuage. Have a look at the following –

“hi..m doin gr88…cum 2 c me 2moro”


How will kids write English 10 years from now? Hell! Why am I concerned? One thing is sure, its going to be a lot difficult to read such text.

My second concern about SMS is that it takes out lot of our productive time. I know you are surprised. That is because you don’t have ‘productive time’ anyways (otherwise, you’d not be reading this post 😛 ).

I’ve two more concerns regarding the SMS. But there’s no point in writing them here. Otherwise Gary will say I’ve problems with everything. Chill it Gary! I just want this world to be a wonderful place to live in 🙂 .

The Big K

PS: I must mention that Gary & I are only two buddies in the world who don’t sms each other. Even if we do, we’d include punctuation marks and caps for the first letter of sentence. Keep it up, Gary! We’ve made a good start. Let’s hope that more people join us.


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