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Big K’s new Dell XPS 1210

By on Mar 18, 2007 | 0 comments

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Guess what?

I’ve a new Dell XPS 1210, got it direct from Dell. I’m totally impressed with this notebook. First of all, the 12″ screen is not so tiny. It actually is bigger than what I expected. They keyboard is really fantastic and I’m typing at around 80 words per minute. 🙂

Let me walk you through the machine configuration –

Hardware –

The machine comes preloaded with Windows Vista. Windows Vista rocks! The Aero UI is simply amazing. I can’t get my eyes off the screen. The ‘sidebar’ is also a very useful feature. Right now, I’ve only two widgets on my sidebar – a personalized clock & a small picture slideshow.

The touchpad is also sensitive and works the way it should. The laptop also comes with a ‘Media Direct’ feature which allows you to quickly access presentations/mails/videos & music without loading the operating system. I think its a very useful feature. I’m not really familiar with the feature and therefore will not comment on it.

Above all, the laptop is really lightweight & truly portable. I just need to find a suitable backpack to accomodate this tiny monster.

-The Big K-

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