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Got Connected!

By on Mar 18, 2007 | 0 comments

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Yesterday, I attended my alma-mater’s alumni meet. It was an amazing experience. As usual, I went 10 minutes before time. But unexpectedly, everyone was ready & waiting for us. The current college students did a fantastic job of organizing the meet. I was really surprized.

Got registered & a student escorted me to the venue, the small auditorium in the administration block. At first, I couldn’t believe my eyes. Its was the same hall where I had sung in front of 500 people for the first time. To my surprize, the opening note started exactly at the scheduled time! Wow! I especially enjoyed Principal’s speech. He began his speech with a ‘Venn Digram’ analogy 🙂 . He said “The best part of alumni meet is that it reminds us of the best days of our life. But we realize that the college days were the best days only after getting out of college”. How true! When in college, my friends & I would curse the assignments, practicals, lectures and what not. Now we all think the same – those were truly the best days.

Senior students were invited on the stage to express their thoughts. One of them (who is an entrepreneur & an artist) said something I fully agree with. That is, “In today’s world, it is important what you know. But whom you know is even more important.” It is amazingly true. The new body of college alumni was formed. After the installation ceremony, I introduced myself to the president & secretory of the new alumni body & told them about my venture. We exchanged phone numbers and I joined the body as an executive member 🙂 ! I’ll be activley involved in all the decisions that the alumni executive body takes. I’m sure I can do a lot there. My professor introduced me to few really good people who are doing great in the world of music & business.

Overall, I got connected with lot of amazing people; current students, professors and my seniors as well. I’ll now look forward to give as much possible as I can to my alma-matter.

Driving back home, I had strange thoughts in my mind. I met strangers, got friends with them and became the executive member of alumni body. Just took me a few minutes to do that. One thing was confirmed at the back of mind. I’m not ‘average’ on ‘Communication Skills’, ‘Teamwork’ & ‘Initiatives’. Those who told me I lack ‘leadership abilities’, go watch your face in the mirror.
-The Big K-

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