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Big K Vs. Television

By on Apr 3, 2007 | 0 comments

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Before I begin, let me make a confession: I do not watch Television (Sorry Mr. John Logie Baird, I’ve started hating your invention). What’s so great about it, you might ask. I do not watch television even when its turned off 😛 (just trying to create humor here, forget it :mrgreen: ).

Coming back to the point – I do not watch television. Its full of mess. Its full of ‘Reality Shows’. They don’t show normal people. They show people who talk to each other’s back (did you observe that?). They show people who cry. They show judges who fight with each other and leave the stage. They show old people who cry. They show things which kids shouldn’t see. Their kids aren’t kids. They show families which eventually land in trouble. They show men who only flirt with >2 women at any point of time. They show women who wear 5 Kg. of gold & makeup at a time. They show very big houses with big staircases. They show minimum two characters who are unhappy when others are happy. They show families which sing & dance on the occasion of Diwali. They show Karan Johar.

They ask stupid questions & ask us to SMS them the answer. They show real people who cry when they separate from the people they’ve met just two weeks ago. They show ads which tell us that our teeth, furniture & floor is full of germs. They show ads which tell us that anti-dandruff shampoos are effective. They tell us that we can actually be as fair as Americans by spreading a cream on our face. They discuss film actor’s health on television. They claim that they care for us. They are bad.

They are just like my managers.

-The Big K-

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