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What’s going on?

By on Apr 19, 2007 | 0 comments

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Guess what?

That’s a dumb question. Surprisingly, during last couple of days, I’ve met people who want to die 😯 ! People who think that death is the ultimate solution to their personal problems! People who are broken from inside! Aye! what’s going on?

In my opinion, or whatever my little brain can generate in imagination, suicide is the stupidest thing one can ever do in his/her life. But then, there are people who take that step.

Everyone has problems. Rather, I’d say everyone’s reaction to the situation is different. If your reaction is ‘negative’, the situation appears to be a problem. If your reaction is ‘positive’, the situation might as well appear to be an opportunity. One of the most annoying thing I’ve observed is that lot of people do not think! Thinking goes beyond memories of the past or dreaming about the future. Why can’t we start ‘living’ in the ‘present’? Well, not many of us know how to live in present. I’d love to write about that, but that is beyond the scope of this early morning post.

Before I conclude, I’ve suggestions for those who want to commit suicide or are planning for it in near future:-

I can’t write much on this topic, rather, I don’t want to.

-The Big K-

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