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My Rotten English

By on May 19, 2007 | 0 comments

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They say, “There are 380 million people in the world who speak English & others are dying learn how to speak English”. I’m a shameless person. Few days ago, I came to know that my (Super)blog is really popular and is read by the big guns in the software industry. All said & done, I made that up all by myself and I have no data to support what I’m saying. Who cares? 🙂

That’s the reason, I decided to go through all the spam that I have posted in this space. Let me confess one thing – I never re-read my posts. I don’t even bother to press F7 after composing the message. I don’t care if I did a good job with sentence construction. I know I mess up 60% of the times. Who cares? 🙂

Going through the blog posts, I realized that my English sucks 🙁 . I need to improve a lot. My ‘Spoken English’ skills have gone abysmally low. That’s bad. That’s really really bad! I must improve.

-The Big K-

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