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MotoAssist or MotoDesist – Customer Care Case Study

By on May 22, 2007 | 3 comments

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{Note: After publishing this post, Motorola responded quickly & a new battery was issued to me. Thanks to Motorola folks!}

Few centuries ago, I wrote about how !dea Cellular folks played a game with me. Now, its the Motorola’s turn. Big Company, Big Name, Big Brand, Big Advertising, Zero Customer Care.

My friends say I’m always into the blaming mode. But believe me, I’m not. I’m not anti-people; I’m anti-idiots. I’m against anything that comes in the progress of my own country. Okay, let me start telling you my story. Grab a cup of coffee & position yourself in your favorite chair.

I’m a proud owner of a Motorazr V3. After owning the phone for about 2 years, I realized that the weak battery allows me a talk time of only 20 minutes. I searched the number of local MotoAssist (its the official service center of Motorola products). I dialed their number and the phone was picked up within just 2 rings. I explained the problem I was (? or am) facing. The guy on phone asked me to show up at his shop (the MotoAssist service center).

Saturday, 12 May, 07: Pleased with the prompt reply, I reached at the desired location. The guy on the reception examined my phone, commented that the phone must be old & expensive, took out the battery without switching off the phone and ‘rotated’ the battery on the flat table. He proved his technical superiority over me by identifying the problem in just 20 seconds flat. “Sir, the battery is bulging on one side” he said & rotated the battery on the table once again. “I think its a ‘duplicate’ battery; where did you get it from?” he asked in a plain voice. Surprised by the question, I produced all the papers and told him that everything is legal and paid for. The guy smiled.

“Okkay Sir! You will have to buy a new battery from us. I don’t have a new battery available with me right now; but I will order it for you”, the guy added. “Total cost is Rs. 850/- (let us not question this) & I will prepare a job card for you. “Sir, give me a ring on Thursday (May 17, 07)”. “Okay”, I said. I got out of the service center.

Thursday, 17 May, 07: I called up the shop at around 11. “Sir, we don’t have the battery yet”. Phone cut.

Friday, 18 May, 07: I called up at 4. “Sir, collect it from the shop tomorrow”. Phone cut.

Saturday, 19 May, 07: I called up at 10. “aaaaa….Sir…aaaaa… we still don’t have the battery…”. [To his colleague] “Did you order the battery?”

Frustrated with their conversation, I asked them if they were interested in selling the battery. “Oh sir, yes sir..haha” – the voice on the telephone said. “Sir, I will deliver it at your home tomorrow, what’s the address?”. I told him that I won’t be available at home on Sunday. The guy on the other side of the phone took a decision that I should call him up on Monday at around 2 pm. With the decision made, I hung up the phone.

Monday, 21 May, 07: [By the time, you must have realized that, we, the Indians, tolerate almost everything. I could have called up their country manager or probably the MotoAssist owner. But I didn’t. I bet, if you were me, you’d not have even bothered that you, the customer, were not being treated like a God. We simply ignore. That’s bad, isn’t it?]

[The paragraphs begin with time in pm]

2:00: I called up the folks at MotoAssist. Swapnil picked up the phone. “Yes, sir?”.

“Boss, I’m Big K speaking, you had promised me the V3 battery if you remember. Do you have the battery?”, I asked. “Oh oohhhh..haha…sorry sir, I completely forgot 😀 “, Swapnil said. “I’ll send a person to your office latest by 3”.

3:00: [No one from MotoAssist @ our office yet] I checked with the security guys if someone had asked for me. At 3:10, I called up the MotoAssist guys once again. “Oh sir, what are you telling me? The guy has already left the place. Just wait for few more minutes”. Let’s do the math now. Distance of 4 kilometers, at a speed of 20 km/hr can be reached in 12 minutes. I called up at 4:05.

4:00: This time its ‘the Swapnil’ on the phone. “Sir, take down my phone number. I will come to your office latest by 5:30, I promise”. “Listen Swapnil, I’ve to catch a flight at 7:30. I must get the battery before 6”, I lied. “Oh sir, just call me up on my mobile”. Phone cut.

5:30: I ringed them again. “Swapnil, I want to complain about this to your boss. Can you give me his number?”. Swapnil [a bit embarrassed], “Oh sir, I’m handling a customer here. Please please. The boss is in Chennai….”. I said, “Don’t worry, I will get in touch with him on phone. Just give me his number. I must complain..”. “Sir sir sir, at what time is your flight scheduled?”. “7:30”. “and sir you are travelling to?” [I couldn’t guess why he wanted to know this]. “UK”, I lied.

“Ok ok sir. I will send my senior to you latest by 7:15…babble babble blah blah”.

7:15: “Swapnil, its me again.”. “Sir sir sir … can you come to the shop?”. “uh, Ok”.

7:20: I left the office & traveled to the MotoAssist shop in 5 minutes 🙂

7:30: I entered the shop with the shutter-half-closed. Swapnil was at the reception, playing solitaire on his computer. “Swapnil, enjoying?”. Swapnil stood up, smiled “Are you the one who called up?”. “Yes”.

Swapnil took a plastic thing out from his upper pocket & tossed it on the notepad that laid silently on the table. Sir, here’s your battery. I picked it up and found out that it was an old battery. “Swapnil, do you think I’m going to spend 850 bucks on this old piece of plastic? I can tell you for sure that its an old battery”. “Sir its a new battery”. “Don’t lie”. “Okay, sir, its from my own phone”. “Why did you lie?”. “Sir you were in a hurry”. “Shit!”. “Sir, you had to catch the flight”. “Swapnil, I lied because I wanted to battery today itself”.

“Sir, your battery’s warranty period is over”. “I know, that’s why I’m buying a new one”. “Sir, but you can buy a new battery in UK”. “…..”. “Sir, you keep this [the old] battery. Just pay Rs. 450/-. I guarantee that it will work”. “Swapnil, I trust you. But don’t expect me to pay 450 bucks for this trash”. “Sir, it works!”. “…..”. “Swapnil, give me your Boss’s number.” “Oh sir, keep it for free, I will ‘show it’ under the warranty period…as long as I am here, I will ‘show it’ under the warranty…”

“Is that how you treat your customers?”. “No sir”. “Can you get me a new battery tomorrow?”. “ummm…yes”. “I want it untouched and along with the receipt”. “Yes”. “Mind well, I will open the pack & I won’t accept it without a valid receipt”. “Yes sir, give me your office address”. “You already have it, dude!”. “No Sir, I lost it”. “Okay!”. I took a pen & paper and started writing my office address. “Sir, you work for a software company?”. “Yes, I do”. “Is there any position available?”. “Yes”. “What is the minimum qualification”. “Engineer”. “Oh!”.

“So, you want to switch your job?” I said. “You just promised me that till the time you are here….forget it. Okay, you will send someone to my office, latest by 2. Remember, I want the battery properly pack..”. “Don’t worry sir, I will send someone”. “Swapnil, have a good night & don’t forget about me tomorrow. Otherwise I will complain…”. “Oh don’t worry sir…”.

I left the MotoAssist service center with a sense of victory. I had regained my pride as a customer. I will keep my fingers crossed & wait for Swapnil’s angel.

That’s a real life story. HaPpy Customer Care!

-The Big K-

PS: Grammar, typos, incorrect sentence construction to be ignored.


  1. kidakaka

    June 14, 2007

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    shucks! This takes the cake!! I think the Indian customer is being taken for granted. Good to see someone take their trip for a change!!

  2. saifula

    July 19, 2008

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    motorol l7i my mobile given to service still it is laying with them only , very bade experience with moto cell phones , bil no 106/1/5086

  3. shyam sundar sahu

    October 31, 2008

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    i have purchased a w375 motoral phone,with the mei no-355842010410419 & msn no-E73AHW2J9B on dec 07. since last 3 months the mobile developed a problem, while charging it shows invalid battery. i have handed over the mobile to the Motorala servicing center at Bathinda, Punjab for rectification. The set is in its Warrenty period.Although a month has been passed, I am not getting back my mobile. Everytime the cotumers care representative giving me false promise that they would make serviceable very soon. The set has been given since 27Sepo8. please help me. my contact no is 09417605418


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