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Aye Sunita

By on Jun 26, 2007 | 3 comments

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Sunita Williams is back after a long time. She returned to the Earth.

Big K is back after a long time. I’m back to my little blog. :happy:

So, let us congratulate Sunita for her safe landing on Earth. Sunita now holds a record of being the woman to stay for longest time in space. Great job!

Sunita was on Indian television for days & nights. You switch to any new channel on TV and you’d find her. If she wasn’t on TV, you’d find her uncle, aunty, her neighbour’s newphew’s best friend on TV – everyone talking about how Sunita loves ‘Samosas’ and how religious she is.

With the kind of media coverage Sunita got & the kind of interest Indians had, any sane in-duh-vidual like you & me would think that the whole space mission was indeed India’s breakthrough in space travel. At least, you’d think that India is a country full of people who love science & technology.

Hold on! Can anyone of you name the other people who were in space along with Sunita? Was it really our interest in the whole space mission or was it just that we are proud to have a person with an Indian name in space?

After all, I fail to understand why is Sunita so dearer to us than other astronauts. Isn’t she an American with an Indian name? Or, say, what role did we play in putting Sunita in space?

Why don’t we have a NASA here in India?

We adore you, Aye Sunita!
-The Big K-


  1. GVM

    June 26, 2007

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    Hey Biggie,

    I completely agree with you .
    Indians simply go ga ga whenever anyone with Indian name OR remotest Indian connection makes an international heedline.
    I fail to underatand in what way India has contribute to Sunita landing in Space OR for that matter assisted Amartya Sen in bagging the coveted Nobel Prize

    Indians, GET mature in your thinking !
    Celebrate the occassions which you really need to celebrate. No point wasing time on something which you have not been a part of OR cannot contribute to !

  2. aditya

    June 30, 2007

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    I agree with you,
    Indians are now tame dogs who like to appreciate indian names in the news all time.
    But do not want themselves to do something that nobody has ever done.

    These are the effect of that slavery past from 3500 yrs. that has made us such a tammed animal that do not want to do anything for himself if not for others.

  3. The Big K

    June 30, 2007

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    Thanks GVM & Aditya!

    The other comments which I got said “Are you anti-India?” or “At least show some Patriotism”. Indians have forgotten that they were the greatest innovators.

    Keep commenting 🙂

    -The Big K-

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