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Big K version 1.0 (Beta)

By on Jul 11, 2007 | 0 comments

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The globe is warming,

The ice is melting,

Before the world sinks,

The Big K thinks,

sin theta / cos theta = tan theta

& Big K’s back with version 1.0 beta.

What a bad piece of poetry (question mark) (bruwahahah :mrgreen: ) . Big K’s mom suggested that Big K needs an upgrade. Big K is hurting people with his quick comments, one liners & jokes. Big K’s gotta work on the way he talks. Suggestion incorporated in build 1.0 (beta).

Beta – because I want to be on the safer side. So, I can make mistakes while I’m improving. The tips that I will follow are as follows –

That’s the current to-do. Please excuse me if you find me smiling for no reason.

-The Big K-

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