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Rajani (Shivaji) is the BOSS!

By on Jul 15, 2007 | 0 comments

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I repeat – ‘Rajani’ a.k.a. Shivaji Rao Gaikwad is ‘The BOSS’! Like it or not!

I usually avoid movies. But this one was irresistible! Shivaji – the boss is the biggest budge movie ever produced in India. People in Chennai and other parts of the world queued up in front of Cinema Halls at 5 in the morning, just to get get the movie ticket. The ‘black tickets’ got sold at about Rs.1500/-, I heard. Kudos to the Rajani Mania!

My friend ‘V’ called me up at about 4 in the evening and asked if I’d be interested in watching the 5 o’clock show. I wasn’t sure, but agreed. As I was getting ready for the movie, I convinced myself that it was the best decision taken during last two weekends. I hate to see movie at Multiplexes because they are bad people who rob dim-brained people employed in the IT Industry. The ambiance in multiplexes is such that it makes you hungry as soon as you enter it. Then, you are left with no option but to buy a tiny bowl of corn for Rs. 30/- and Coca Cola for Rs. 45/-.

Moreover, the movie was in ‘Tamil’. Anyway.

‘V’ bulleted our way to city’s INOX along with our friend ‘B’. ‘B’ understands Tamil. ‘B’ reached the venue 3 minutes earlier and bought the tickets for us. We entered the hall#3.

The hall was full of south Indians, all braced to see their God on the big screen. We positioned ourselves with ‘B’ in between ‘V’ & me. ‘V’ and I felt that we were hungry, so we got out of the hall to search for cheap food. We return back empty handed and empty bellied.

The movie started! Titles in Tamil -> Loud Music -> Rajani On Screen -> We clapped, we shouted, we were happy. Rajani danced. Rajani fought with 100 armed people without a single weapon in his hand. Rajani was all over the screen. Rajani cracked jokes, we laughed. Rajani tossed the coin directly into his pocket. We clapped. Rajani jumped, Rajani killed, Rajani laughed, Rajani went bankrupt, Rajani got rich, Rajani fought for justice, Rajani defied the laws of Physics (again!). We clapped. We laughed. Rajani made it possible. I admire Rajani. He’s got his own style. No one can imitate him. Rajani is the emperor!

Rajani won. Rajani changed the world. The movie ran for 3.20 hours approximately. We had a feeling that Rs.120/- were spent wisely, for there couldn’t have been a better entertainment. We got out of the hall. In the parking, we met an RTO officer, whose motorcycle was missing. Later he came to know that he had parked it in the no-parking area and the police had done their job well. He requested ‘B’ to drop him to the nearest police station. ‘B’ said yes and dropped him to the police station. To thank us, he offered cigarettes to us. Gave me a strange look when he learned that I do not smoke. People take few things for granted. ‘V’ dropped me at home.

I truly admire the qualities of this man called ‘Shivaji Rao Gaikwad’ aka Rajanikanth. Once a bus conductor, today he rules the south Indian film industry. The reason is obvious, the man ‘lives’ his life on the reel life and in the real life. Everything in Rajani movie is ‘Mega’.

‘Shivaji – The Boss’ – is a must watch!

-The Big K-

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