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Reality Show Concept: K the People’s Billionaire

By on Jul 23, 2007 | 1 comment

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The TV, these days, is full of Reality Shows. I need not explain what a reality show is to my literate readers. Since everyone is coming up with his/her own reality show, I think I’ve a brilliant idea about a reality TV show. I will talk about it here so that the TV show producers can copy my ideas and earn big money out of it. I don’t mind.

The show will have a single contestant – that is me. I will tell people that I’m a poor guy with nothing to eat and I’m having flu. This will help me get the sympathy from people.

Then I will tell people that the only dream I see is of becoming a billionaire and people can make me realize my dream by just sending me 5 bucks from their hard earned money. Since people don’t mind sending SMS to people who are on TV & cry/beg for sms-votes, they will very much send 5 bucks to me.

Let’s say 1 million send 5 bucks each to me. I will have 5 million bucks in a single episode! Then I will announce that I’m still far away from my dream and ask people to send more money to me. I will cry in front of them & tell them I’m in the last stage of flu and I may develop cancer of appendix. Lot of people will not be able to see me in pain – so they will send more money to me.

By second episode, I’ll have collected about 50 million bucks. I’ll then continue the show for 15 episodes in which I’ll urge people to show patriotism by helping a citizen of their country become a billionaire. I will easily make 1000 million.

Then, in the last episode, I will thank people and I will tell them that I am going to help poor people – all while having tears in my eyes. Then I will vanish for 1-2 months and get a role in Bollywood. Then I will join politics. Life won’t suck then.

So, how many of you will send the money to me? It’s just 5 bucks, come on!

-The Big K-

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  1. Dawn

    November 20, 2007

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    I think I should be the second character on this reality show. I really am dirt poor in a rural Texas town, population just under 4,000. Don’t have money for Christmas for my 3 daughters and am about to lose my house because the market is so slow here. The list goes on, but who really cares how the average American lives anyway, right?

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