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Indian Postal Service

By on Jul 28, 2007 | 2 comments

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Someone, I demand, should do a research on the following topic –

“Why bad things happen to the good guys”

Few weeks ago, I ordered a t-shirt from a renowned website that provides customized apparel. Now, customized t-shirts are heavy on pockets. But they are unique, so you don’t mind spending extra bucks to have them. It’s no doubt, a costly affair.

Finally, 1.5 weeks after the scheduled delivery date, I received a piece of paper from the Indian Postal Service guys. To my surprise, all the details of the order were written on the back side of the paper. I could not read the text as it was written by someone who has a very bad handwriting.

The very next day, I rushed to the local GPO (that is, General Post Office). I rushed to the counter which said ‘Inquiry’ & the lady over there sent me to the back side of the GPO – a moderately big hall where they deliver all the parcels.

As soon as I entered the hall, I was welcomed by big heaps of documents, sacks and I don’t know what. Next to it were two wooden tables, which had no motivation to live at all. Behind those tables were two employees of the GPO. The man proactively asked if he could help me. He directed me to the lady who was sitting next to him.

The lady asked me to wait patiently. I followed her request and stood immobile for about 2 minutes. Then she asked me to show the receipt (aka the piece of paper that I had received from the post office). She examined the paper & took out a nice looking parcel from the cupboard. She looked worried.

“This one arrived with no stapled pins. Its torn off from one side. Check. Do you want to accept it?”

“Uh-Oh. Let me check it.”

“…” , “….”

“The t-shirt is missing!!!” “Someone replaced it with a bunch of papers!!!!”

“Oh…let me see”

“Oh, someone should have stolen your t-shirt at Mumbai Airport” “You should return it to the sender” “Do you want to accept it?”


“Okay, sign this paper & write ‘Reject’. Put today’s date below it”.

…”Oh wait! Do you have an identity proof? PAN card? Driving License?”

“I’ve my driving license…”, “Will do”.



“Ma-m! The date of expiry is in year 2022! Look here!”


“Fine! Write a mail to the sender and tell them that you have rejected the ‘article'”.


I came out of the hall. Looked at the sky. Looked at my right – guy parked his bicycle & then spitted on the wall; leaving his permanent mark on GPO that will tell the future generations that he existed”.

I drove back to home, with the fresh scent of optimism in my head.

-The Big K-


  1. The_Big_K

    August 6, 2007

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    I contacted the website and they said they will send the tee through a special courier. Still waiting for the tee while I keep my fingers crossed.


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