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Logic – We shouldn’t wash our towels

By on Aug 22, 2007 | 1 comment

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My weird mind generates all kind of weird stuff.

You may waste your time reading the rest of the post, but don’t curse me. I have done my duty of warning you 😉

Logic – I

What do you do when you find out that the computer screen has accumulated enough amount of dust? You take a ‘clean’, soft cloth and the clean the screen using it.

So a clean cloth makes the computer screen ‘clean’ when it comes in contact with it.

Now, I’m the cleanest body in the bathroom after having a hot water bath. So when my ‘clean’ body comes in contact with a not-so-clean 😀 towel, the towel should get cleaner! What say?

So, every time after bath, I clean my towel! …and so do you!

Now, that means that there is no need to wash the towels!

Logic – II

Fighting global warming –

Let’s say, if all shopping malls, all IT offices keep their doors & windows open! The cool air will spread out & thus the temperature of our globe will come down. 🙂

( This is something I actually thought when I was in 1st year of Engineering! )

Forgive me folks, I guess my mind will explode. See you soon! 🙂

-The Big K-

1 Comment

  1. GVM

    August 22, 2007

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    Hey biggie, With due respect to your views, I would like to put forth my thoughts in this regard.

    1) Firstly its not necessary that when you come out for the bathroom after taking bath, your body is cleaner than the towel you use.

    It depends on the degree of cleanliness of the objects.
    If you take an absulutely dirty towel and wipe your so called clean body against it, you can very well see the results for yourself – i.e your body will be stained with dirt marks from the towel. In this case what you mentioned is absolutely correct i.e. towel is being cleaned by your body.

    2) Secondly when two objects come in contact with each other, the object properties (softness/hardness) decide as to which object will do the cleaning action. More often than not,the object which is softer will do the cleaning part.

    Agreed, there could be exceptions to this, but in most of the cases point no.1 and 2 mentioned aboce will prevail. And surely in the case put up by you too. 🙂

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