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Rahul & I

By on Aug 24, 2007 | 0 comments

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… are very good friends!

Rahul is a great dude. We know each other since past 9 years. Rahul & I were together in one of the best junior colleges in MH-state. Rahul has been a damn good friend since then.

Rahul & I used to make fun of our class mates 😯 (not all, but some of them). We used to go to college on our bicycles. We used to keep away from girls ( for we thought they were illogical ). We’d complete our journals together & submit them after the deadline. Rahul was ‘the fastest’ guy in the Chemistry Lab, for he’d complete the powder analysis in less than 10 minutes while others took about 30 minutes. He’d then help me complete my analysis. Physics practicals were always fun filled for us. It was Rahul who came up with various techniques to get accurate results without actually performing the experiments.

Rahul is a doctor. He studied medicine & he remembers complicated names of all the medicines. I look at him & feel good about myself that I did not become a doctor. If I catch cold, I call Rahul. He suggests correct pills.

Rahul is the only doctor who lived in hostel & yet, does not smoke or take alcohol. I’m proud of him.

Rahul cares a damn about the world. So whenever I’m down, I talk to him. He tells me that the world sucks and we should care a damn about it; then both of us feel good 🙂

I can go on writing, but I’m feeling sleepy right now. Thanks for being my friend, Rahul!

You Rock!

-The Big K-

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