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Fair, Lovely & Handsome

By on Aug 26, 2007 | 4 comments

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Before I begin, I’d like to say something to all of you –

Sorry! 🙁

… for the obvious reasons. Many of you have complained that I do not update the blog regularly. It’s been really difficult for me to update the blog during past few days. Let’s cut the crap & continue.

Regular readers know that I do not like the television because 99% of what it shows is crap. Rest 1% is available on Discovery, History & Nat Geo. When I say I do not watch television, I mean I do not watch it even when it is switched off :mrgreen: . I did a mistake today.

I turned on the TV all by myself. The TV played following ad:

“Men’s skin is rough & tough. They don’t need women’s fairness cream. Not-so-fair men *should* use the fairness cream that has been specially developed for them (by scientists(?) who wear white apron) . The blackie (?) male model spreads the creme on his face and within next 10 seconds, becomes fair, handsome & lovely. Then all fair women show interest in him (by ‘literally’ running after him)”

Whoa! :happy:

I can’t tolerate this anymore. At first, they said “Dark girls don’t get good grooms, so use our fairness creme”. I ignored. Then they said “Dark girls don’t get good jobs, so use our fairness creme”. I laughed. Now they say men need to be fair too! I insist that we all do an experiment – let’s buy 100 fair & lovely/handsome tubes & spread them over a dark buffalo. If it turns into a fair buffalo, I promise to buy 1000 fair & lovely packs & distribute them for free to the needy.

Have you ever used fair & lovely or handsome yourself? If yes and if you have had positive results, please comment on this post. I’d like to meet you in person. Understand that skin’s darkness is decided by a component in skin called ‘melanin’. I don’t think anyone can alter melanin & make a dark guy fair.

Hold on! What did Michael Jackson do? How many fair & handsome packets did he use?

We seriously need to question the veracity of these ads.

Anyway, enough about fairness creme.

Hasta La Vista

-The Big K-


  1. Mariano

    September 26, 2007

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    Big K,

    Interesting response to the “Fair and Handsome” commercial. I actually wrote an article about it myself on my blog…is being fair really that important in India? In the US, people bake in the sun so they can be darker! We have tanning creams (though i can’t say that I’ve seen any commercials selling such a product, never mind with a celebrity endorsement).

    Additionally, don’t you find it somewhat disturbing that ads would imply that success in life (getting a job, getting a boy/girl) is dependent on the fairness of your skin? I’d be really interested to hear your opinion.

    Thanks for the insight!

  2. The_Big_K

    September 26, 2007

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    Hello Mariano,

    Thanks for commenting on my blog. Is being fair really that important in India – my answer would be No. But the advertisers will soon make us believe that being fair is the ‘coolest thing on earth’ & we are ready to believe that. Sad, right?

    Ad-makers know that humans will spend more on anything that they ‘wan’t than they ‘need’. They are now trying hard to make Indians believe that we want to be ‘fair’. Fairness is being directly linked to the beauty & success. Ad-makers simply ask viewers to ‘try’ their product for 7 days – whomp! in a country of billion people… you know …even if 0.01% people try it for a span of 7 days…

    Yes, it is very disturbing. The trouble is that we have no one who controls what they show on television.

  3. tamasha

    September 28, 2007

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    You are right; fairness is a squashy craze to Indian people. We know that everyone wants to look himself beautiful and attractive. So these sorts of skin care companies take undue advantage of the skin color of people for better product sell. Today I’ve seen a discussion on fairness cream on BBC news site. You may also check it out at

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