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The way we English!

By on Sep 18, 2007 | 0 comments

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I’ve been away from my Superblog for some time. My previous post gives detailed explanation of what’s going on in Big K’s superworld. I can’t have my readers have a bad time anymore, presenting a new post here.

I’m very much concerned about the way people use English. It is very disheartening when an educated person writes without following basic rules of the English language. No, I do not claim that I’m an English guru, but how would one feel when he regularly receives emails like this –

“respected sir!

i m { name withheld }. pls send me latest seminar topics 4 computer sc. thanking u in advance. also will u have friendship wid me???? please reply as soon as possible…

waiting for ur reply!

your’s truly

{ name withheld }

Oh my dear reader, will you please tell me if the text above (which is an actual ctrl+c – ctrl+v from my mailbox ) is a

Few months back, I remember, I got a mail from a friend’s friends friend who wanted a job. The covering letter was written in ALL CAPS, had no punctuation mark and it had a start which said ‘respected sir’ 🙂

Something is terribly wrong over here. I wonder if the level of common sense is declining in this country or what? We may not be an English speaking country, but once you enter an engineering college you should at least have basic knowledge of English grammar. No, you don’t have to mess up with stuff like ‘subject of the verb’ or ‘ object of the ..”. But simple rules like 1. Don’t write everything in CAPS 2. End a sentence with a full stop.

I’m concerned about it. What about you?

-The Big K-

PS: I’ll be regular from now on. I recently got an email saying “heyyyy…….waiting for ur new post!!”

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