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Maharashtrians & Business

By on Oct 7, 2007 | 0 comments

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This post is dedicated to all marathi speaking junta.

Once, God decides to help a marathi speaking man (MM) jumpstart a business.

God: MM, ask for whatever you want from me!

MM: Oh God, is that really you?

God: Yes, its me. Tell me what do you want?

MM: God, I always wanted that plot (piece of land) on the busiest street in the town.

God: Okay, No peoblem! What else do you want?

MM: God, can you setup a posh building on that plot?

God: Sounds good, anything else?

MM: Wow, thanks! I’m thinking about a hotel. Can you put nice furniture in the building?

God: Nothing is impossible for me. What else?

MM: God, just one more request. Just one…

God: Okay, tell me.

MM: Give me a boss who will run the hotel.

God: What?

MM: Yes, whom will I serve otherwise??

God: Blaah!

-The Big K-

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