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2 minutes @ the death square

By on Oct 28, 2007 | 0 comments

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Scene: One of the busiest square in the city.

Who: Big K, Big K’s Yamaha, College Dude wearing his rat bitten jeans, Dude’s Pulsar 180cc, Two old men from a nearby village, Old men’s bicycles, properly working traffic signals, other unimportant people.

Scene starts:-
Big K wrooming his Yamaha. Notices that the signal is green. Wants to speed up in order to cross the square before the signal turns Yellow and then Red. Controls his desire for speed. Signal turns Yellow. Big K halts his Yamaha few inches before the cross line. Unimportant people continue to cross the signal. Big K looks at them in no hope.

Signal-Red. Everyone stops. Big K’s neighbours are – on left: College Dude on his Pulsar 180 & on right: Two men from Village on their bicycles.

College Dude takes out his earphones and plugs them in his ears and looks at Big K’s Yamaha. Asks, “Is that Yamaha’s new model?”. Big K replies, “No”. Big K notices the ‘drafter’ that’s unable to fit in College Dude’s backpack. Must be an Engineering student.

College dude suddenly discovers that the square is empty . The signal is still red. Who cares? College Dude pumps up all 180cc into engine and zooms out. About to collide with the taxi that’s crossing the signal from the left. They exchange swear words. Big K silently observes.

The guys from the village have been silent observers till now. One of them comments: “Educated, huh?”.

Big K smiles.

The Big K

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