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How to reject the dream job!

By on Oct 31, 2007 | 7 comments

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…while you are unemployed :mrgreen: .

{Learn your lessons from his story}

Like most of you, he did not know what he wanted to do in life. He, therefore, took up a job with a software company.

He was sincere. He worked hard. He would go to the office sharp at 9 am and work hard (and of course, smart) until 6:30 pm every day. He enjoyed the typical IT environment. He got so much involved in work that he did not take even a day off for first 17 months. He enjoyed free coffee. He enjoyed the lunch breaks. He enjoyed the snacks breaks. He enjoyed inhaling in the conditioned air. He got an industry-standard salary that allowed him to buy Nike shoes, Levi’s Jacket/Jeans. He could easily buy books at crosswords or buy coffee at CCD/Barista. He did not have to think twice before buying that costly-imported-guitar. He could by the hottest cell phone available in the market. He could shop at malls & buy anything he wished. He could party with his friends without bothering about the bills. He would work and a nice paycheck would get deposited in his bank account every month. As an IT professional, he earned respect in his society. Parents would send their college pass outs to him for his valuable career advice. Over enthusiastic relatives would ask if he was considering marriage proposals. Few friends envied him for he had such a nice job. He enjoyed.

Time went by and he “forgot the real value of money”. He became money’s poor slave. He knew it, but refused to admit. He cared a damn. He thought he had full control over money, but in fact, money was controlling him. Monthly paycheck made him feel secure. He developed a special affection for money. Money made him blind to his own wishes & wants.

At work, he faced appraisals. He was told that he is an average performer. But no one would tell him what he needed to improve. He could not believe. He thought of being a rebel. He thought of challenging the system. But soon realized that trying to change the system would be like fighting with the pig in the mud; his clothes would get dirty and the pig would enjoy the fight. He decided to accept it. Life moved on & , once again he started having fun. Year went by & he faced the same shit again. He opened his eyes in the true sense. He realized that all through these days, someone else was controlling him. He was not in charge of his life.

At his workplace, he was alloted a corner in a square box, called cubicle. He proudly referred to that corner as his ‘office’. People who didn’t know a damn about IT would ask him what ‘platform’ he worked on. He would satisfy their curiosity by babbling few acronyms which had no meaning. The world looked cute to him from the cozy walls of the cubicles. One day, while sitting in his chair & looking at one corner of his cubicle, he began thinking if he was really living the life he wanted to live. Then he looked at his tummy which had, through these years, had bulged out by about an inch. The strange feeling of being ignorant about his health hurt him. He began thinking. He thought he was wasting his time doing things he never wanted to do. He would wake up late in the morning and rush to the office. He did not remember the last time he went into the shiny daylight and the sun. He would sip coffee (which in turn increases the chances of cancer) all day. He would sit in chair staring at the computer screen for long hours (which invites back-pain and frozen shoulders), get up only for the lunch, and snack breaks. His body forgot how to sweat! He would not drink water at regular intervals. He would not exercise & yet discuss the raising rate of heart attacks among software professionals with his colleagues.

He laughed at himself. The next realization was worse. He realized that he was doing what he did not like to do! He would follow ‘processes’ which made no sense at all, just because someone insisted. He would survive ‘motivational’ meetings, which only make him laugh. He could not get the logic behind 3-hour long meetings to decide why the teams were low on efficiency. He was forced to attend presentations that were very irrelevant to his work. He realized that the work that he was doing did not require an engineer. Any 10th class chap with little logical abilities could easily replace him. It hurt him. He decided to accept it.

Time went by & he realized he could not just accept it. Probably, life was too short for him to let money & others take control of his life. Quitting the job looked like the last option to him. However, somewhere in his mind, he knew his surroundings were sucking the life out of him. He started thinking about various things he could do and he discovered many! He checked his bank account & calculations told him that he had enough money to take care of him for about 6 months. He went to see Indi-Block-Buster “Chak De India” and the very next day…

He quit his job.

Next three days were interesting for him. He casually inquired for a job in one of the top 10 coolest companies in India. The company took the things forward and after grueling 9 interviews, they offered him a job. Pay, rewards, and work – everything was amazing. Work, probably, something very different from what he previously did. He would get a chance to work with his idol – the man he always admired.

He gave it a thought & decided to reject it. Probably a big decision for an unemployed and a stupid one – for friends & others. But he took it. Now he’s doing what he loves to do, having fun & gets to decide his own work timings. He’s now more mature, more prepared to take important decisions of life & thinks that he’s cool.

Take his words. You will never realize what you are capable of doing unless you make that shift. The ‘shift’ can be different for different people. But, at least once in your life, you got come out of your shell & experience a different world. Once in your life, let the ‘freedom’ win over ‘security’. You don’t want to be saying “I wish if I had…” to yourself when you are old. All said & done, once in your life say this to yourself –

“Screw It! Let’s Do It!”

…and then,

Just Do It!

The Big K


  1. GVM

    November 5, 2007

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    Hmmm, I enjoyed reading the last para !

    Strange, but true, that this post of yours has the lowest degree of Sarcasm amongst all your posts so far ! 🙂 Or may be that lat para is giving that kind of feeling !

    This could be an inconsequential comment but I kind of afford that as long it it involves just the click of a button for which I need NOT pay 😉

  2. The Big K

    November 5, 2007

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    Hi GVM,

    Thank you for your comment. The tone of your comment (which reflects the state of your mind) is calm & cool. Were you sitting in a cubicle while posting it?

    Just a guess.

  3. Prady

    November 5, 2007

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    Well, there’s no doubt that “Chak De India” is great and we have wonderful win in T20 and Afro-asian hockey cup coming as sequel to the movie. And, the title song of the album might make it to national sports anthem.

    I was just wondering, if this 70 mm film has something to do with this great salvation story of the protagonist in the post. Well, whatever; the mere description of the film makes this post a hit ;-).

  4. Vips

    November 5, 2007

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    It takes lot of guts to quit the cozy atmosphere (Cubicle) that we are in. I closely follow Big K’s blogs they reveal IT professionals state of mind. This time I could not stop myself from praising him.
    The moral of the above blog is that “We should not get engaged in pig fight, for few cents”.

  5. Alamelu

    November 6, 2007

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    hmm the relevation is good especially for someone who is on the otherside of the stream….. and as for the narrator………… extraordinary as always……….. keep it up………..

  6. Archana

    December 19, 2007

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    Hi BIG K,
    I think this is the blog which i like the most among ur all blogs, especially the last para…

    Really very true [:)]

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