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What scares Big K

By on Nov 13, 2007 | 2 comments

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Since I’m not on Orkut and you have no other way to know about my personal life, I’ve decided to enlighten you more about myself. Since, both of us (you and I) know that you don’t have anything better to do at this moment of time, you can listen to my babble about what scares Big K.

Your assumption: Big K is a superman and nothing in the world can scare him.

Fact: Big K is a human and the following scares him –


Yes, ghosts! If I ever meet the person who came up with the idea of existence of ghosts; I’m going to punch him/her on nose. Probably that person (him/her) self is dead and exists as a ghost. He/she might be watching me from behind while I’m composing this post. Or probably he/she’s standing behind you at this moment and is getting ready to give you the kiss of the death. All the best!

My Grandpa, who’s a retired medical officer, has encountered many ghosts. His stories make me believe that ghosts may exists and they catch you when you’re alone at night. Brrrr…

Fear of Failure

Winner takes it all. Failure sucks! Yes, fear of failure scares me. Well, lots of people say that failure is a springboard to success. I agree. But when you fail at something, you feel like damned! You ask “why me?”. When I was in school, I was a good badminton player. We had a simple rule on the badminton court “Winners to stay”. Which essentially meant that whoever loses a game goes out of the court and the winner gets a chance to play with the next player. I remember I never wanted to go out of the badminton court. I was scared to fail and therefore I’d win. I’d put in everything it took to win.

You might say that I’ve an attitude problem. Well, yes, I do. I don’t think its a “problem”. After all, winner is the one who gets the prize, attention & fame. Failure gets sympathy and ‘advice’.

Failure sucks, but its essential.

Traffic Signal Jumpers

They scare me a lot. I don’t feel very safe while I’m crossing the signal. Traffic Signal Jumpers can be broadly classified into two categories:-

a. Guys on Pulsar 180: No one in the world can predict when a guy with Pulsar 180 will change his mind and think of crossing the signal fastest among the lot. All of them believe that their motorcycle is a clone of “Street Hawk – the bike”. They’ll suddenly appear in front of your car while you are midway through the square and thereby making your car come to a sudden halt. They’ll then curse you and leave.

I’ve a Yamaha RX-Z (14 Bhp/ 5 Gear ) model and most of the Pulsar guys want to race with me. What scares me is that in a temptation to beat me in speed(?), they might collide with someone on the street. Stop scaring me, dudes. Get a life & drive safely.

b. Girls on scooty: TVS Scooty is God’s gift to the college going girls. I have began believing that whoever sits on scooty becomes temporarily inert to traffic signals, traffic laws, pits on roads, and loud horns by other vehicles. I never try to overtake any scooty that’s on the road. As a general observation, number of category ‘b’ candidates is more than the category ‘a’ of the Traffic Signal Jumpers.

Aimlessness/Having nothing to do

I’m scared by the thought of being aimless or having nothing to do. Isn’t that strange? I want to be busy, at any moment of time. That is because I always try to do what I love to do. I can’t imagine myself sitting idle and doing nothing. I always want to be doing something that is worth doing. For example, If I have nothing to do, I’d play my Guitar. Or, I’d go out on a walk. I don’t like to sleep for more than 6 hours/day.


What on this lovely earth would be more scary than a black, shiny, venomous snake that hisses? Blah, I can’t write more about snakes.


Google is an abnormal search engine & I use it everyday. The engineers at Googleplex are working day and night to give you the best search results. I am scared of Google because I think one day they will rule the world. Or, they will know everything about me including my likes, dislikes, my credit card number, my favorite color etc. How can I stop them from doing that? Google scares me.

Sorry for wasting your precious time.

-The Big K-


  1. Suyash Joshi

    November 16, 2007

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    really a well compiled collection of fears !!
    may lord give you the courage to face them with bravado…
    btw have you read “the search” (based on google) ?

  2. The_Big_K

    November 16, 2007

    Post a Reply

    Thanks, bro!

    I’ve read “The Google Story” by David Wise. What about “the search”?

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