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68 Calls

By on Nov 14, 2007 | 0 comments

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…is all it takes to get in touch with a CEO of an Indian mid-size firm.

The breakup of the 67 calls is as follows –

Approx. 38 calls : “He is not interested in talking to you” or “Send us an email through our portal and we will forward it to him.”

Approx. 21 calls : “He is in a meeting/conference” or “He’s left the office”.

Approx. 8 calls:  “beeep…cut”.

The 68th call: “I’m …”.

On the contrary, it takes just 1 email to get a reply from CEO of a big American corporation.

—————- Cut ——————

There’s one thing I learned by reading Steve Job’s “iCon”. Don’t give up! Unless the other party surrenders. 🙂 . Believe me, its lot of fun! In his early days, when Steve wanted a job with an electronics firm, he went to their office, stood still in their reception and announced “Give me the job or else call the police to take me out of here”.

Thanks Steve! For Everything!

-The Big K-

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