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Big K interviewed on idiot box

By on Nov 15, 2007 | 0 comments

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Believe it or not, idiot box is an effective medium that spreads the news around very effectively. I just finished the shooting for STAR TV’s local channel & thought of writing about my first experience of being on TV.

I got a call from channel’s local correspondent.

“Am I talking to The Big K?”


“Big K we came to know about the stuff that you do & would like to interview you for our TV Show…”

“umm..ok” (actual: “woohhhaaaattttt????, WOOOWWWW)

“Are you free tomorrow about 10 am”

“Yes, I am” (Actual: …free throughout the day. I mean even if I were not free, I would dump all my other activities for you)

“I’ll give you a call before coming to your place”



“Hi, Big K”


… babble babble…

“Let’s start”

“Okay. This is my first time on TV. Can you give me an overview of the questions that you will ask? I don’t want to mumble…”

“Oh, don’t worry. Just explain us your stuff and it will be all right. We got to complete this in 8-10 minutes in one go”

“ 😯 “

“o..ook, Let’s start”

“(Cameraman): Big K look this way when you are answering…I gotta catch your face..”

“Hi, I’m <> from STAR….., we have Big K with us today who…”

“Thank you, babble babble babble .. I’m great! …babble babble”

“mumble mumble …(what am I saying? Blah) mumble babble”

“Thank you Big K…”

“Thank you very much”

“Was that ok?”

“Yes! It was good”

“Umm…I talked very fast…and made a mistake”

“It’s okay”

“Will you edit that part?”

“Don’t worry”


We thanked each other. Camera man showed me a 5 second clip of what he got in his cam. They left.

..and I’ve been thinking to myself…”My first time…always sucks!”

The Big K

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