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Om Shanti Om Review

By on Dec 4, 2007 | 0 comments

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Big sorry to all S(hah)R(ukh)K(han) fans!

Kindly go away from this blog, or…read on if you are a masochist. I sometimes wonder why people (like me) go to INOX to spend Rs.140/- on tickets and about Rs. 500/- on unhealthy food? Whatever!

Here’s a brief review of “Om Shanti Om” – a Farah Khan Film.

9:30 pm: Big K & Gary reach INOX.

9:35 pm: Two tickets bought.

9:55 pm: A chocolate brownie & coffee consumed.

10:05 pm: Inside hall #2.

10:07 pm: National Anthem. Message on the screen asks everyone to “Stand Up & Show Respect…”. Shame on us & also the INOX guys who wrote that message.

10:10 pm: Advertisement # 343 – “Club Salted Pop Corn + Coca Cola, only for Rs. 140/-“

10:10 pm: Big K: “Only Rs. 140/- ” 😯 , Gary: 😯

10:11 pm: Movie starts…

11:20 pm: Interval. Big K & Gary think about secretly shifting to Hall#1, “GOAL”.

1:00 pm: …Movie ends.

The movie is illogical. Why can’t they make good movies in Bollywood? Surprisingly, movies like OSO do a big business in India. Only logical reason for this could be that Shah Rukh Khan is highly popular in India (and abroad). His newly acquired 6 pack abs was the crowd puller, I heard. Whatever.

…umm, I don’t even feel like writing the review.

So, just forget it.

The Big K

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