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Spiders have no brain!

By on Dec 15, 2007 | 0 comments

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Finally, I found out time to update The Big K’s Superblogâ„¢. 🙂

Finally, I’ve concluded that spiders do not have a protein muscle called ‘brain’. I was thrilled and excited to see the movie ‘Spiderman’ in which an ordinary man gets bitten by an ugly spider. The ordinary man gets the superpower which allows him to ‘hang out’ at any place he wants. I used to think that the spider has transferred all its special chemicals to the man which stimulated the ordinary his brain. But like all my assumptions, this too was wrong.Spider

You should believe me because I’ve come to the conclusion after a week-full of observing a spider & his (or her?) net. I observed that the spider built his/her net at a strategically incorrect place where it had almost no hope of trapping a victim. Therefore, even after a week, the spider COULD NOT CATCH even a single flying object in it. 🙁

I’m wondering what might have the spider thought while choosing the location for his/her net. Probably (s)he wanted to choose a location where the flying object would least expect a trap. But to me, it didn’t make any sense. I decided to see if the spider under my observation is/was more intelligent than I am; and one week of strict observation gave me all my lost confidence & pride back.

We all can safely assume that spiders have no brain since it can’t do a task as simple as choosing a strategically right place for building a net; which even an MBA or IT professional can do.

I’d like to be happy about the fact that I’m smarter than spiders; until, of course, the same spider proves me wrong. 😯
-The Big K-


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