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12th October, 07 – 12th January, 08

By on Jan 13, 2008 | 0 comments

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Last three months have been interesting. I left my well-paying, secure job just for the heck of it. Everyone, without exception, thought I‘d spend my time watching TV & enjoying. Well, I did not spend my time watching TV, but I had fun doing what I love to do.

I did something that I could not have done while being in job. I worked for almost 16 hours a day learning new things & implementing them. However, the work did not seem like ‘work’ that would tire you at the end of the day.

During last three months, I:

1. Appeared in newspaper
2. Appeared on national television
3. Motorcycled to a nearby place (out of city) with Dr. Rahul
4. Got a chance to be the Chief Guest at a press conference organized by a local innovator
5. Learned a new software, design & implementation
6. Learned & did the business of moving servers
7. Learned that lot of people actually love this Super Blog.
8. Saw a good movie titled “Taare Zameen Par”.
9. Got a chance to interact with the biggest people in the Internet/Software people
10. Got a chance to interact with Mahesh Murthy.
11. Rejected a ‘dream job’.
12. Got sympathy/appreciation from friends.
13. Survived an accident and recovered within a week’s time.
14. Was asked to be the executive director of local chapter of TiE, but rejected that offer as well.
15. Got a chance to see the thermal power station.
16. Learned that people in my ex-office miss me.

In short,

It has been exciting so far.

-The Big K-

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