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Old posts are back

By on Jan 13, 2008 | 0 comments

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You’ve no clue how many people love this SuperBlog! All regular readers were angry that I did not keep my older (pre December 2007) posts in the new blog.

I was determined not to keep the old posts, but I had to change my mind. Afterall, this blog is for the readers and if they want it, they must get it. So, I got all my old posts back for you. The whole business of bringing my old posts back was a little costly affair ( Required about Rs. 612/- & 18 hours). Well,  everything is back now.

However, some of the text in posts is crumbled and I’m not going to restore it. I don’t want the pain of editing each & every post and set the text right. Sorry guys, I don’t want to spend time on that.

Thanks for loving the SuperBlog!

-The Big K-

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