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Amazing Executive Profile @ Joost

By on Jan 14, 2008 | 0 comments

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I stumbled upon this page at Joost (a company founded by Skype founders) which shows the executive profile. I couldn’t stop myself from laughing.

Check this page out –

Here’s what it says –

Marley, Vice President of Office Harmony

Marley, Vice President of Office Harmony at Joost, is responsible for the planning, sourcing, pricing and implementation of good vibes. He is also responsible for eating snacks. Joost Executive

Marley is a karmic industry pioneer. Prior to joining Joost, Marley spearheaded a toy chewing campaign as head of the personal product dogification development in the UK. He was also part of the original team that launched newspaper fetching as a national sport.

Marley’s favorite Joost program is National Geographic Animals & Nature.

I guess this one page reflects the company culture. No doubt they have a could of wonderful bunch of creative engineers with them. I might even consider working for such a company! 🙂

-The Big K-

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