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Taare Zameen Par Review

By on Jan 23, 2008 | 0 comments

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Honestly speaking, I should rather be doing something of more importance & higher priority right now. But, like most of the times, I’m going to delay it by few minutes. I’ve decided to spend some time appreciating Aamir Khan & Amol Gupte’s “Taare Zameen Par” – one of the few sense-making Hindi movies I’ve ever seen. Taare Zameen Par


First of all, I thank Mr. Amol Gupte for re-writing a wonderful story (and to Patricia Polacco: author of “Thank You, Mr. Falker” – the original story) . Then, I would like to thank Aamir Khan for putting his money & efforts in adding life to the story and presenting it to all of us. I think the whole Taare Zameen Par team has done a good job. For those who do not have social life (majority of readers of this blog) and can’t afford to buy a heavily priced ticket @ INOX, I’ll tell you the story in brief:


Ishaan Awasthi is a brilliant (as we realize later) 8 year old boy who is dyslexic (we don’t know this at the beginning of movie) boy who finds it difficult to read, write & spell. Ishaan has an elder brother who is very supportive. Since Ishaan cannot perform well in school, the school teachers think that Ishaan is not a ‘normal’ kid. His parents think that he needs to be sent to a boarding school. Ishaan is sent to boarding school where things aren’t different. Then enters Mr. Amir Khan (as Nikumbh Sir) who himself was dyslexic when he was a kid. Amir Khan quickly identifies the real problem behind Ishaan’s Behavior. He then convinces Ishaan’s parents and the school-teachers (of boarding school) that Ishaan needs special treatment and some special coaching. Aamir Khan volunteers to teach Ishaan in his special way. Ishaan quickly proves that he’s brilliant and outperforms everyone in drawing competition. Ishaan realizes his capabilities & is back to normal life.


In my opinion, the part of the movie that touches everyone’s heart is when Ishaan is brought to the boarding school and his parents say ‘bye’ to him. I personally felt dumb when Aamir Khan explains how everyone is chasing 95% in every damn exam, trying harder and harder to be doctor/engineer (how true in India :mrgreen: ) and after getting those high-paying jobs. Good Job! Aamir Khan!


I’m glad that Bollywood at least has one actor who’s bringing in something new every year. Taare Zameen Par not only entertains, it enlightens.


The Big K

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