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The Peer Pressure

By on Jan 24, 2008 | 0 comments

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I found this great article written by Mahesh Murthy and I think its a very good read. Follow the link:-

Be peer-pressured or be pearless

Now Mahesh Murthy is a fantastic man & I know that because I’ve met him and had an opportunity to shake hands with him :mrgreen: .

I sometimes wonder what(ever) happened to the ‘toppers’ from my school (for many years; I was the one, I admit)  and engineering college. The few I know are either working for top MNCs, few in Infosys :mrgreen: , the rest are in the USA. I sometimes wonder if all their talent was limited to getting a safe-secure-high paying job and lead a normal life.

“Life is a journey”, everyone comments. So why do most of us spoil this journey trying to be like others? Why can’t most of us be a little creative and do something exciting, that makes the world a better place to live? Why do we all have to follow the ‘trends’?


The Big K

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