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How to be happy

By on Jan 29, 2008 | 1 comment

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Today, I am going to enlighten you on happiness & how to be happy. Mind well, although I said “happy”, I will talk about being joyous. There is a thin line between joy & happiness. Happiness, often, is temporary. Having a new car, a new job or winning an unexpected lottery will make you happy. Joy, I think, is very unpredictable. You are joyful when you are doing something that you love. Joy is obtained by doing/following stuff of your interest or something you are passionate about which may not necessarily conclude in happiness. It seems to me that everyone thinks that the ultimate aim of life is to be happy. Yet for most of us, it is one of the toughest things to learn. I will try to simplify the things in this post so that future & current generations thank me.

Before I begin, let me declare that ‘down’ feeling is completely natural to all humans. The key is to minimize this ‘down time’ to less than a minute or maybe even lesser. Following are my guidelines/rules for minimizing the downtime and pursuing joy. Do not focus on the ‘form’ in which they are presented; rather, try to catch what I intend to say by reading between the lines. Let’s begin:-

1. Have a good health: Your body is God’s greatest gift to you. Protect it! Take care of it! Make sure that it is all right at any point of time. That is important because you just CANNOT be joyous/happy without a good health. Nothing in this world can make you happy or bring you joy if you do not have a good health. “Health is wealth” they say, and its 100% true. If you aren’t in good health, do something about it, immediately. Start immediately. Get up early next morning and start exercising. Go out on morning-brisk-walk. Do the Yoga. It helps, trust me.

2. Do not focus on the negative: Let’s agree on this point – the world is full of shit :mrgreen: that makes us sad . However, that is okay. It’s a part of God’s master design. Without all the shit, we would not know what joy/happiness means. Let us respect it. When shit happens (and “Shit Happens! Sometimes!” – Forrest Gump), you get a trail of negative thoughts in your brain. Cut them before they last for more than 30 seconds. If they continue to last for more than 30 seconds, you will violate Big K’s #2 rule. Immediately focus on something that is non-negative. Do anything, but do not let those thoughts last. If you entertain negative thoughts, they will invade your mood and consequently make you sad. So take my words – Do not focus on the negative.

3. (Virtually) Eliminate negative/bad people from your own world: This one is self-invented. However, no copyright charges for my readers to use it. Look, you are the king/queen of your own world. You live in a world that is your own – the world that you see through your own eyes. So it is your world and your rule it. You decide who should live in your world and who should die. It is a “feel like God” attitude and it makes you feel damn good & confident. I have observed that most of the times, people are sad because other people make them sad. Eliminate these people from your world. I have met few people who love to spread pain. No, I DO NOT MEAN THAT YOU SHOULD KILL THESE PEOPLE! Just delete them virtually. Feel sorry for them and say bye to them. They are worth it.

Weird, isn’t it? Well, do not expect obvious stuff here.
4. Do something crazy (that is legally & morally acceptable):When you do crazy things, you get lot of joy. Let me prove my point with an example. Have you seen those laughter clubs? They do crazy things just to laugh. It works! The idea of doing crazy thing might be (and has to be) different for each one of you. What I mean by being crazy is that you should do something that you would not do normally, in your day-to-day boring lifestyle. Go to a jungle and shoot animals (with your digital cam :mrgreen: ), try to learn roller skating, be a door-to-door salesman for a day, go out on a long drive at midnight. If you want, try quitting your job and start a business. There are many crazy things, most of them will give you lot of joy. Bad examples, I agree. But as I said, don’t go with the form. Focus on what I’m trying to convey.

5. Make someone happy: Can you make someone smile? Or make someone laugh? Do something good and spread the smile. “Smile” is the second best thing you can do with your lips :P.

6. Learn to play musical instrument(s): Trust me, you will never regret your decision of learning to play musical instrument. Go for the Guitar. I know many of you always dreamed of playing the guitar. Do not expect anything for the first 6 months; just be regular with the practice. Do not give up. It feels like heaven when you play a musical instrument. I cannot describe that with words.

I hope you will benefit from these pointers. Next time when we meet, I want to see you happy & full of joy.

The Big K

1 Comment

  1. God, This is the 4th sign I have been presented with by the universe to change as a person. From the past two weeks I have been going thru this same transformation. You have strengthened the belief I have in the above rules. Just remember you might have changed someones life.

    Keep smiling and live life.

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